THG Asks: Is Tupac Shakur Really Dead?

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Today, THG Asks: Is Tupac Shakur really dead?

YES. By Hilton Hater

Tupac Shakur once wondered, "I Wonder If Heaven's Got a Ghetto."

And the truth, no matter how badly you want to believe otherwise, is that the iconic rapper now knows for certain. He's gone. Deceased. Deader than Lindsay Lohan's movie career.

I know, I know: eight albums have been released since Tupac was shot in 1996. And that Tupac hologram at Coachella really did seem life-like.

But no credible source has ever reported a Tupac sighting. University Medical Center, one of the most respected hospitals in the country, pronounced him dead six days after he was gunned down in Las Vegas. Why would those doctors lie?

It can be hard to let go. But Life Goes On, Tupac once rapped to his fans. He'd want you to accept his fate, keep ya head up and be real to your women.

NO. By Free Britney

The Notorious B.I.G.'s posthumous album was titled Life After Death.

Many at Coachella feel they saw Biggie's arch rival, Tupac Shakur, experience this over the weekend. It's a great story ... except 2Pac is not really dead.

First off, Tupac's "death" in 1996 was too perfectly orchestrated and replete with too many biblical and numerological references to be simply coincidental.

The motives behind the fake murder are unclear - to avoid going to jail, or drum up sales for Death Row, or be reincarnated as Makaveli? - but the killing was staged.

It also remains unsolved. How convenient.

Second of all, the "hologram" of Tupac performing was 100 times more realistic than any hologram known to man. There's no way that wasn't a human being.

Think about it. If you could make holograms that cool, why wouldn't we see them in our daily lives, walking around left and right? It doesn't make any sense.

It does make for a media conspiracy. That "hologram" is just media telling us that it's fake because he's still the most wanted motherf--ker in America.

THG Asks you ... is Pac really dead?


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2P@C Is alive,
P@C man was in South Africa in 1998 and was running a shop at Carlton Centre and I'm bout to start some research and I will post some updates.
Keep your eyez open, coz P@C is out on bail the Juror and the Judge can't see him more


2P@C Is alive,
P@C man was in South Africa in 1998 and was running a shop at Carlton Centre and I'm bout to start some research and I will post some updates.
Keep your eyez open, coz P@C is out on bail the Juror and the Judge can't see him more


I agree Tupuc aint lts gt hold of ths...y would RickRoss make a track that says 'Tupuc back'a long on the corus

@ Kay-Too

Because RickRoss is a fucking retard.


Then whr is he nw


Jenn, no disrespect, but if you're planning on trash talking a blog with poor grammar or spelling, at least know how to spell the words in your rant, please. It is "ridiculous" not "rediculous". Now, moving on to I'm back, You are also an idiot, like the rest of the idiots on this blog. 50 said that because it's a song you fucking idiot!


The grammar in this blog is absolutely rediculous. Seriously, learn how to spell... or maybe speak proper English.


coutney stodden;s most


Yes he's alive, back then I used to be close with that group, Suge, Pac, Snoop. Just think about all the evidence, if he really is dead, how come on his "Realist Killaz" 50 Cent says: "Til Makaveli returns its all eyez on me."? We all know he's alive, but is he coming back? That's the question... No, he went through so much pain because of his rap and thugged out career, no doubt he will always be a thug, but he would not want to revisit the pain, so putting out new songs is a way of giving hope to his fans.

@ I'm back

Tupac is alive!! No doubt!!! I believe the conspiracy! He faked his death to avoid jail and the haters. He wanted to live in peace !!! The greatest plot ever in our lifetime!!!!


He is not dead he is in africa underground and he show up in recently new songs he is not dead and he faked his death and who took his pic in las veg and why did the pic show up after he died ummmmmm
That is the real Q

@ babygirl

For one it was old verses in songs. Second, the last picture taken of Tupac was in the newspaper while he was in the hospital.


No tupac is alive i heard it with my own ears hes states hidden messages he yes yes im alive and me missing u when u see me holla at my set and he also sid yall cme to my funneral but you aint burry me now y would a dead person say that