Taylor Swift to Portray Joni Mitchell in Biopic?

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Taylor Swift is under consideration for another major movie role.

After losing out on the character of Eponine in a big screen version of Les Miserables, Variety now reports that Swift may portray music legend Joni Mitchell in an upcoming biopic.

Swift, Taylor

The film is being developed by Sony Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures' and would be an adaptation of Sheila Weller's book "Girls Like Us." The role would also mark Swift's first dramatic turn, as she recently voiced a character in The Lorax and appeared in Valentine's Day.

The movie will follow around the careers of Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King, with Alison Pill rumored for the latter artist.

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i think taylor swift can do anything she sets out to do. I have a lot of faith in her she is a beautiful person inside and out! However my favor is horror films wish she would do one of those or comedy romantic but i would still watch it because it had taylor swift in it and so would all her fans bubbles


I see Taylor Swift, more as a romantic comedy type, this era's Doris Day.


Does Taylor smoke? If not, she better start soon.


I don't know what to think about this. What do other Joni fanatics think?


Let's wait and see how her performance in the movie will be if she get's the role.I just hope it wouldn't be as bad as Ri's performance in 'the retarded commando'.just joking.ha! haa!! haaa!!!


please god. no.


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