Sarah Jones, Former NFL Cheerleader & High School Teacher, Accused of Sexually Abusing Student

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Sarah Jones, a high school teacher and a one-time captain of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders (the Ben-Gals, if you will) has been accused of sex abuse.

She and her mother, a middle school principal who allegedly covered up the crime, both entered pleas of not guilty during their arraignment on Monday.

Sarah Jones has been charged with sexual abuse of a student, on top of unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual activities.

Cheerleader Sarah Jones Mug Shot

Jones' mother, Cheryl, is accused of tampering with evidence in connection with her daughter's case. Cheryl is currently suspended from her job.

Both Sarah and Cheryl were arrested following a grand jury investigation.

At the courthouse Monday the pair was joined by a dozen supporters, including the family of the alleged victim, according to ABC News affiliate WCPO.

Though the alleged victim's family supports Sarah Jones, Jefferson County Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Sarah Farmer said the case would continue.

"The commonwealth feels we have sufficient proof to go forward," Farmer said.

At the arraignment, Judge Patricia Summe ordered Sarah and Cheryl Jones to avoid contact with the alleged victim and to disable text messaging.

Forensic evidence for the case, taking place in Kenton County, Ky., was collected by taking Sarah Jones' computers and phone records.

The trial date for both Sarah and Cheryl Jones was set for June 27.


I look at it like this...Sarah Jones is not the first teacher to be accused of having sex with a minor/student and she won't be the last one to be accused of doing so. Remember Mary Kay Letourneau and Debra Lafave? Sex-crazed teachers, crooked school administrators (or whatever), bullying...NONE of this existed when I was in high school all those years ago. Nowadays, all of this disgusting bullshit makes me glad that I am now in my mid 40's (age 44) and that my high school days are over/behind me. Until next time...PEACE!!!!!


I read on another blog she had been charged with having sex in her classroom. She won the case and also won a settlement of $12 million although it was being appealed. Is there a pattern of sex and schools and this particular ex-cheerleader?


Corners - "Seems like a waste of money when the victims families dont want to push forward." I agree, still - the law is the law, and in some states, they'd still rather push a woman's face in her own dirt than prosecute a man for doing the same darn thing.


I think you are all queer . She can sexually abuse me any time she wants .....


Corners, my guess is it was consensual sex. The law states it is a crime and it should be. This is an adult taking advantage of a hormone driven child.


Corners, I'm guessing you don't think there should be laws that protect us from sexual predators. Most people are too ashamed to come forward to report such a crime. So the point is to put them in jail to rehabilitate them. What don't you understand? Whom should we jail instead?


You guys missed the best part of this story...Sarah was exposed for this long before now on and tried to sue Nik Richie and the website and lost. After she lost she and Richie appeared on Anderson Cooper, where she lied on national television saying that there was no truth to any of the accusations. Since she and her mother have been arrested, Anderson Cooper has made sure every video from that episode has been removed from the internet.


Seems like a waste of money when the victims families dont want to push forward. Isn't that what our laws are about? We dont just prosecute to prosecute.Now though a DA wants to pad their stats. Im pretty sure both will lose their jobs w/o this trial going forward, so i say whats the point? Couldn't the same message be sent without an expensive trial if thats what this is about?

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