Nadya Suleman on Welfare: So Ashamed!

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Nadya "Octomom" Suleman said she’s “ashamed” of going on welfare to take care of her 14 children, but she will still never stoop so low as to do porn.

"I still am working as hard as I possibly can to support them,’’ Suleman told Today's Matt Lauer, adding that she made the welfare decision “reluctantly.”

Suleman said she was not just humbled, but afraid to take public assistance, as she's received death threats for receiving the aid (up to $2,000 a month).

"I feel ashamed, but who cares how I feel? It's 100 percent about my children,” she asked and answered, saying she hopes to be off public assistance soon.

“They deserve everything, they deserve the best.”

Including dignity. That's why, even though we've already seen Octomom nude, Suleman will NEVER do full-on porn, even if the offer was $100 million.

“I won’t touch other human flesh,’’ Suleman said. “The only flesh I’m touching is my own." Interestingly, this was also true of her children's conception.

She got pregnant with all 14 of them through IVF!

Anyway, she adds, "I would never, never accept anything. I will not lose my grip of my deeply indoctrinated morals and values. Every choice we as parents make is going to significantly affect our children for the rest of our lives."

"I have to be the ultimate positive role model.’’

Asked if she’s concerned public officials will try to take her children from her, Suleman said, “That will never happen and I can guarantee you on that."

“Hundreds of people, random people, call [social services] on a daily basis, and it’s sick. [It’s] unbelievably fascinating in regard to humanity how many people are foaming at the mouth for my children to be taken away from me."

"The saddest part is 15 years from now, when they’re 18 and legal and in college, people will still be foaming at their mouth for them to be taken.’’

Hopefully in 15 years, we'll have moved on ... or she'll have at least gotten off welfare and given people no reason to care. Pipe dreams ...


As you can see I cant even submit a comment without errors nobody is perfect and I cant even support 2 new babies so I will not burden the people with that cost. To say she is as fruity as a bat is correct but the fact still remains I got to work even harder to support her blunder. I think there should by laws to protect the people from stealing from us. I think there is to many laws in this world. Why cant people just be sensible with my money why do they have the right to abuse it with out consequences. Well I guess I should just accept that the world cant run like this for much longer we all should accept Jesus in our hearts and wait for his comming


I guess not everybody reads the whole comment. I said shoot her and then give the kids with half a brain. I also said the Dr. should burden the ENTIRE cost of the babies


There are thousands of drug addicts and criminals living off welfare and the government money for years now. So what is the big deal that some kids get food for a month ?


Doesn't it cost a lot of money to do IVF??? Where did the money come from?? I also understand that she had a lot of plastic surgery too?? Where did she get the money for that?? I honestly think she thought that she would get an offer for a reality show and that's what she was planning for. If that's the case --it totally backfired on her!!!


I don't get all these comments saying it's what she wanted? with in vitro, you always have a risk that you wont get pregnant at all, or that you may end up with 8 children. Of course, her wanting another one after 6, is still a lot...but she didn't ask for an aditional 8. The whole celibacy/no father thing is kind of weird.


The doctors who performed these procedures should lose their licenses and be forced to help pay for the care of these children. Anyone with half a brain can see this woman never should have been permitted to have all these IVFs; she is clearly suffering from mental illness. The children should be removed from her "care," then placed for adoption. They'd all be much better off. This absurd woman thought she'd make money by pimping out herself and these unwanted kids. TLC and all the other networks and media that keep promoting these over-breeding slugs, such as the Gosselins and the Duggars, should be forced to remove these shows, since clearly they encourage more irresponsible behavior. Enough is enough; children should never be used as commodities by their greedy, selfish parents.


Wow this girl should shut the fuck off
And get a job....
Feel sorry for her kids..
They should have the dr. Who helped her
Get all does kids he should pay why tax payers.


@Riley Of course, everyone CAPABLE has a right a family whether it's large or small. Just don't ask the us taxpayers to support and you and your kids! If you can't afford your "family" then you need to re-think whether you are deserving of having it!!!!


The Octo-Moron-Mom an ultimate positive role model????? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I don't believe any of that goddamn crap for a minute!!!!! Also, Nadya didn't seem too ashamed of herself when she started getting pregnant!!!!! She's nothing but a welfare guzzling HO!!!!! And, sooner or later, nutso Nadya will probably accept that $100 million offer to do porno. Once a HO, always a HO..........


Who are we to judge.......everyone is entitled to a family be it big or what if her family is really big.........its not like she dump few of her kids in dustbins!!!!!!!!! She's using the money for the kids
She also got ride(sold) most of their luxury stuff...........she is a good mother unlike some retarded mothers who use their kids money for themselves...............haters stop hating...........coz all your doing is motivating!!!!!!

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