Maria Menounos and Derek Hough Possibly Kiss, Definitely Heat up Dancing With the Stars

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Maria Menounos and Derek Hough may not have turned in the best routine on Monday's Dancing With the Stars (Katherine Jenkins and William Levy both edged them on the scoreboard), or the most emotional (Donald Driver wins there).

Their rumba was hands down the steamiest, however.

Somewhere between rumba and racy, Maria and Derek ended up panting on the floor. The tandem may have shared more than choreography, or something:

It sure looked like they kissed, and let's face it, these two are a great fit for the obligatory DWTS dating rumor mill. Their physical chemistry is palpable.

Of course, Maria and Derek played it cool when chatting with Brooke Burke, opting not to answer the obvious question: Did they or didn't they kiss?

But will they stick around after tonight? That's a definite yes.


Derek is not gay he has been with shannon elizabeth, lauren conrad that says right there he is not gay. Maria is older then him but so was shannon elizabeth and anyways maria is younger than shannon elizabeth but really how is this anyones business that is their life, not yours, not mine and not anybodys.


I think Derek is a fabulous dancer, but i think he's gay....he looks it and acts gay...besides Maria looks much older than him...Not a good much.....ewww


Isn't Derek gay? What's the big deal?

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