Katherine Jenkins Moves Audience, Leaps to Dancing With the Stars Lead

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Whoever Katherine Jenkins is, she's pretty awesome!

More than a few Dancing With the Stars viewers probably had that thought Monday, as the Welsh opera singer surged past the entire field - even Latin heart throb William Levy - to claim sole possession of first place again.

The theme of the night was the "Most Memorable Year" of the contestants' lives, and an emotional Jenkins, 31, dedicated her waltz to her late father.

She reeled in the big points, and stirred big emotions, as she and pro partner Mark Ballas, danced to Josh Groban’s song “To Where You Are.” Watch:

Her devotion and attention to detail - technical and emotional - was one of the highlights of the night by any measure.  “It was almost like you had two partners,” Carrie Ann Inaba said through tears. “Dad is definitely smiling.”

Anybody disagree? Didn't think so.


I believe Bernie! He is 100% correct. She is NOT an opera singer, just a pretty face trying to sing opera. I listened to some of her "arias" on YouTube. Dreadful!


re : bernie im english and i have never heard of that story about her dad before . do not believe bernie America !!


I’m not taking away from Katherine’s 3 excellent performances BUT:
1. She is not an opera singer. She has never performed opera. She is a classical singer/crossover singer. 2. Katherine has been living off the sad story of her father’s death 16 years ago ever since she came to fame in the UK in 2003. It is becoming very schmaltzy and insincere. I feel sorry for her that she feels the need to keep using this to add to her appeal. She has no need. Next on her schmaltz agenda will be her single visits to Iraq and Afghanistan to entertain the British troops. I am sure that she will win but, America, don’t be taken in by the schmaltz. We are fed up with it in the UK. Bernie

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