Source: Marc Anthony Hoped to Reconcile With Jennifer Lopez, Lost Out to Casper Smart

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Up until last week, Marc Anthony hoped to reconciliation with his estranged wife Jennifer Lopez, only to learn she was madly in love with new BF Casper Smart.

Marc filed for divorce Monday, nine months after the couple separated.

Sources indicate that Anthony didn't make the decision on his own, really. He wanted J. Lo back and had a heart-to-heart with her about giving it another shot.

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Anthony reportedly make his intentions clear and asked to give the marriage another try, but Jennifer confessed tht she was "deeply in love" with Casper.

She said she wanted to pursue that relationship, and that was that.

Marc was blindsided, according to insiders, because while she and Casper Smart have been an item for some time, he had no idea things were so serious.

He was hurt, and has now filed for divorce, officially.

You gotta feel for the guy ... but on the flip side, they did split up for a reason, and by all accounts mutually. He's also been seeing Shannon De Lima.


J HOE is going through a mid-life crisis.. aww poor grandma lol
watch when he leaves her for a sexy 20 year old and gets tired of her loose vagina!

Ms billie

I'm guessing some of you have forgotten he cheated on her first. Now that he's done he wants her back. She's moved on now it's his loss, he should have thought about their children before he decided to be unfaithful. Had he not screwed around he would still have her and their kids would still have both their parents in the same household. I don't feel the least bit sorry for him he started this mess and she is finishing it. Sasha you're saying she's hurting her family for being with a 24 year old what about Marc cheating on her before she did anything wasn't he the one that destroyed the family, I think so! As for her being a cougar some of you need to know cougars go after their pray. How do you know it wasn't Casper chasing after her, she's a beautiful woman. You go J Lo!!!!! People that criticize is simply jealous.


When you open that door you have to accept the consequences. Second chances are not guaranteed and another person could steal your spouses heart and you are left out in the cold. Not a good place to be.


As far as I'm concerned, BOTH Marc and Jennifer are DYSFUNCTIONAL WHACK JOBS!!!!! BOTH Casper Smart and Shannon De Lima are the ones that I truly feel sorry for!!!!! LOL!!!!!!


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Anyhow its marc & jlo 4 life !!!!!! its about about knowin your spanish heritage truly from da heart much luv to the luv of mark&jlo so ms blonde u kw what it is!!! so mail this letter back to your country feb 20 2011 for it n for jan 2007 ms blonde bella !!!!!its dr !!!! im tellin u im 100% sure :) about this!!! anyhow its marc & jlo to bx from bx =100% pure DR!!!!


Hey and anyhow well speaking of jlo i know of course dat when it comes to mark he would marc jlo and when it came to da havana it would be m.eant for us to kw dat ms blonde babe we kw your who u are as the vice v of florida blonde comander in cheif :) but anyways to me for the love of juelz means alot to me n im happy to say dat marc& jlo is together its what it is !!!!!! bein real and holdin it down wit jlo i see dat too !!!! much luv to marc & jlo !!!! .......................bortiqua stand up!!! Its DR!!!


Hi my name is imani and when i heard about jlo & marc back when in school of july 2005 i said for the i feel bein way back from the bx is what it is anyhow for marc & jlo i felt like jlo was n a good way took time o say in jan 2007 what she really wanted since she was 12yrs old she always went to her parades celebratin the spanish heritage right n wit marc hes also in what who he is anyhow for it im glad n means alot to jlo so its who she really loves n nobody cnt take dat away livin life well n happily!!!


Hey its imani and i am so glad of thios i souldnt wait since the time of the butterflies for you to be here wit marc& jlo just here luvin it !!!! anyhow when it comes to and all its botiqua stands up as me bein dominicana to in my spanish heritage its what it is !!! and dats whats up anyhow!!! jlo is my bitch and anyhow of course from the marc of it make sense?!! into bein together both born origanal bortiquas of it and makes a real couple stand up live!!!!! so anyhow yeh its marc&jlo!!!!!!


I guess she forgot about the other backup dancer she married???

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