Shannon De Lima: Dating Marc Anthony!

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It really doesn't take beautiful famous people long to move on.

With Jennifer Lopez getting hot and heavy with Casper Smart, we can now confirm that Marc Anthony has also found himself a new love interest: Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima.

Marc Anthony in Concert

How can we be so certain? Because Anthony isn't doing anything to hide the relationship, posting a Tweet to De Lima today that translates to: "To Shannon, my status of liberty. Kisses baby!" 

Anthony's son, Chase, meanwhile, did his dad one better. The young one Tweeted: "To all my followers and all Twitter peeps, follow the best couple of 2012 and for many for years Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima!"

There you have it.

UPDATE: Anthony has posted the following picture of himself and De Lima to Facebook. It's almost like he wants a certain someone to know he's dating again, isn't it?
Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima


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Anyhow es marc & jlo as to it cause Really flings dnt last ex specially when it only 4 back 2 da crb :) as of mi im wifey material !" es Marc & jlo true both borb bortiquas so shannon delima from Florridah gets ya facts straight from VFh1???:( ! eh fuey :o ! ! so"


O Yes Its destiny n when i heard about a shannon delima kimberly vanderhee i said wow :O lol anyhow as for me and laron es been a pleasure cause datin my boo juelz i mean as of weve known each other since the times of Dr bein in washington heights to kw ! to The Raindrops it means alot as 4 my man as 4 Dominicana Republica Independence day a celebratin as of Dr since i was 5yrs old! N was born n raised homemade from samana Dr ! its about luvn ya man as of mi he means alot to me Anyhow esDr+Dr dat=Reallove!


WoW!! Isnt this pathetic and not grown. Obviously Marky Marc she just using you!! besides your not as HOT dude get over it your up the hill Act like a mature smart man..


hi and anyhow its marc& jlo it is what it is !!!!!!!!.......... just bein 100% wit u ms shannon bella its marc& jlo !!!!


Hi and yeh its destiny annd that who??lol shannon de lima aka ms bella okay now anyhow when it comes to marc of course things happen fro ups and downs but what it really means to bein down and out of course doesnt hold my weight= equivalent to my 14kt ice i hold down as wifey as of jlo shes real and down n out for her man mark n seein them together makes me feel good bein about holdin it down n knowin n apreciaTin so 4 da luv of marc & jlo so msshanon:) bella ya weight is held accoundable for who u are?:( !


Yes its destiny and anyhow its mark & jlo so !!!!!!! marc & jlo who stands for their heritage 100%!!!! bx to bx so !!!!! anyhow its marc&jlo !!!!! :) sincerly to ms blonde babe from havana florida !!!;)!!!!


Yes its destiny and when i heard about jlo and marc i said uhhh what well i dnt dye my hair blonde but i do stand up for my man faithfully and understandly to kw what it means bein their by mans side ex specially wit feb 2011 to dec 2010 n to me i feel as though when it comes to marc he does admire j lo :) but anyhow does makin $ come in place if ms blonde babe kws like ms bells to kimbella she would kw dat marc of course marked jlo by now !!! wit da 14kt 3 kt ice so !!!! theres ya ice ms blonde bAbe huh?!


Congrats Marc you deserve happiness. Best wishes.


she wants cheap publicity,Marc is fairly used of JLo and vice-v. God will forgive all in Jesus name.



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