Marc Anthony Files For Divorce From Jennifer Lopez

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Almost nine months after their separation, Marc Anthony has filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week.

The catch-all "irreconcilable differences" box was checked.

Anthony's filing seeks joint legal and physical custody of the couple's twins, Emme and Max, 4, and that the judge dismiss any spousal support for Lopez.

Should she ask for it, that is, which is doubtful. This is likely a formality to make legal a split that has for all intents and purposes been settled already.

J. Lo and Marc

The duo married in 2004 and announced their breakup in July, but seem to have kept things amicable, at least when it comes to their reality show, Q'Viva!

Both have had relatively little to say about it publicly, but Anthony spoke out about the split afterward, and according to him, "It wasn't shocking."

It wasn't long before they moved on, either.

Marc has started dating a 24-year-old Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima and Lopez has become inseparable with backup dancer Casper Smart.


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Based on all of the relationships she's had, it appears that she's the type of woman who just can't be alone. Damn, before one of her relationships is officially over, she's gracing the next person's bed! That has happened over the years back-2-back!! More power to her, but yep, she's been a HAD kind of girl by several. Nonetheless, whatever their problems, I hope they can remain amicable towards each other for the sake of their children.


Marc was dating J.Lo before her engagement to Ben Affleck. I remember thinking when Ben and J.Lo called off the wedding that Marc still loved her. Now that they are divorcing...who knows? Some people should just live alone and not get married. I think both J.Lo and Marc are those types.


Ms. Lopez needs to act her age and be a mother not a ----- there is a spanish saying and u know what it is if not your mother knows, and Marc dont get married again I just hope that you get what u want with the kids but in the long run they aare the ones that suffer.


Let me see...Marc has major jealousy issues and Jennifer has major control issues. A piece of advice to BOTH Casper Smart and Shannon De Lima...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!! LOL!!!!!


they are both pathetic!! Maybe they should have stayed together so others won't have to suffer from their childish games.


age doesn't matter. I have a 20 year old chasing dating a 36 year old. age doesn't matter so shut up about it!!!


The fact that Marc applied for joint custody shows that he's not cutting Jlo out of the kids lives....and to those thinking that there wrong for dating younger people...who are you to judge????? Its what's it the heart that count, age is just a least its not like that Courtney's age different!!!!!!


I hope she doesnt get married again, him as well..smh


I hope he get his kids but he's no better then jlo he's dating a young lady but that's to be expected with men good luck mark


glad that they are still friends...its better for the kids..yet both dating younger people ...sounds like a mid life thing or actually in love...good luck!

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