Khloe & Lamar to End After Season 2

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Lamar Odom has succeeded where so many before him have failed: at standing up to Kris Jenner.

The Kardashian matriarch had reportedly been pressuring her son-in-law to give up professional basketball and dedicate himself fully to the life of a talentless, shameless hack reality TV star.

But TMZ now confirms Odom has gone in the opposite direction and will be concluding his series with wife Khloe Kardashian after this season in order to focus on his faltering NBA career.

Khloe & Lamar Picture

The heretofore solid sixth man was placed on the inactive list by the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks ago after failing to connect with teammates, showing general laziness and falling to career lows in points and rebounds.

He's now intent, though, on reviving his career, with insiders saying he'll reside full-time in Los Angeles and work out with personal trainers.

The most recent episode of Khloe & Lamar earned -65 points from our critic, as it focused on Khloe's family visiting the struggling couple in Dallas.

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go f--k yourself jen...interracial dating/marriage is WRONG..PERIOD Yeah and attempting to throw my crank into the conversation and trying to imply im small because you don't like my views my and such makes you a sexist.


Further more khloee and lamar are human beings who are in love! I love them and think they are a strong couple. Ppl need to just leave the race issue out of it bc its just ignorant!!!!


Levi... You are absolutly crazy! Don't watch the channel if you don't like. We are all human and bleed the same blood! Get over yourself and prob just mad bc your a white man with a tiny d**k and jealous!


Levi has a point. We don't need to see the interracial crap on tv. All we've got to do is go out to dinner, or to the movies! What's worse, all we've got to do is pick the kids up at high school! That sort of garbage has been going on a lot longer that a small tv show has been on the air!


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I am sad that it's ending-I love this show. Khloe & Lamar are so real, so funny & so in love, how could you not watch this show. BUT I do understand why he's not doing it anymore & I had even sad before in another one of these posts that he should step out of doing this show as well as the others so that he can devote his time to Basketaball & his marriage again. I think Khloe should do the same. Maybe with the pressure off from doing these shows etc will give them less stress & she can finally get pregnant. I wish them all the happiness & good luck in the world. They are such a great couple & I want them to succeed in all that they do. Good luck, Khloe & Lamar & I'll miss you on Sunday nights. Much love & hugs xoxo