Jennifer Aniston on Brangelina Engagement: Can We Talk About Something Else?

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Jennifer Aniston has been having a low-key several months ... at least until every news outlet, celeb gossip blog and tabloid publication started speculating nonstop on her response to Brad Pitt's engagement to Angelina Jolie.

The whole world seems to be obsessed with how she took this one piece of news. The short answer? She's happy for Brangelina, but at the same time, "She hates it being brought up because she doesn't really care," says a pal.

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Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt from 2000-2005 before he infamously fell in love with Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Jolie while he was still married.

After seven years together, Brad finally proposed to Angelina earlier this month, with all six kids present, buying her $500,000 diamond engagement ring.

"She feels Angelina can have him," the Jen source adds, noting that she's been quite happy in her own life for some time. "She just wants to move on."

Indeed, since falling for Wanderlust costar Justin Theroux, that's pretty much what Aniston's done. There's even talk of them planning their own wedding.

"Jen's totally happy with Justin," says the pal. "That's all in the past."



In my opinion, which is well researched, Angelina Jolie is just a propogandist, shill, attention seeker for the New World Order who's doing damage to people all over the world, most recently Uganda. The people she's claiming to protect are being killed and driven from their homes while their homeland is raped of its natural resources. This Kony guy she talk about is a minor warlord who hasn't been seen in 5 years. How can this horrid woman just repeat what she's told and then claim to be a humanitarian? She's an abomination! Also, did anyone notice how she just HAD to get engaged to steal thunder from Anniston??? She's very jealous of Jennifer and it will never end!


Here we go again, Folks! LET THE TOPIC DIE NOW!!! That's ANCIENT like the looks of Angelina Jolie...move on like Jen A did.. she does not care for BRAD Who??? don't worship that guy... HE"s NOT All That!!... I just don't understand what made Pitt so popular and good-looking... Gee, there are plenty of GOOD-Looking GUYS out there.. Young, Sexy and OooH!! soooo good to look at!! Pitt and Jolie deserve each other... they not worthy of my time!!!


Jennifer Aniston a media H/O have not been seen in public since Brad Pitt engagement to Angelina that says everything,this is the first time in years that JA have gone this long without seeking the soptlight, probably will break down crying if asked about her ex husband, Brad Pitt engagement to Angelina Jolie. Poor thing her heart has been broken to pieces!Again! Probably thought that day would never come as i read in the Natuional Enquirer.


I think the same thing when I see that goofy looking, bony, pale leg! She looks so stupid! She is losing her beauty quickly, and she is trying her best to hold onto it. Grow old gracefully like us normal folks do and for goodness sake, hide that nasty, boney leg!


i really think the only ppl who still care about this is the media. Its been 7yrs! Hopefully after they both get married the media will finally move on. Its nt fair shes always asked about brad and angie and visa versa.


I can't help but laugh whenever I see that ridiculous leg pose. Someone should have told this lame attention seeker that there's NOTHING attractive about that chicken leg or that squat!


i dont think brad fell in love with angie; i think he was just looking for a baby mama. Why would she have anything to say about it? It has understandably caused her pain. Its like bringing up the death of a loved one. I understand why famous people get so pissed and start swinging.


hell yeah!! go jennifer:) why cant the media move on already. obvs they all have.

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