Is Madonna a Hypocrite With Anti-Smoking Stance?

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Madonna is taking a stand against cigarette smoking, yet glamorizes smoking in her new music video for "Girl Gone Wild," setting off cries of hypocrisy.

The topic came up when The Queen of Pop appeared on Today and was grilled over her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes being caught smoking recently.

Madonna says she "wasn't very happy" about the Lourdes Leon picture, adding "I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter."

Well, except in the "Girl Gone Wild" video:

Pressed on the apparent hypocrisy of herself smoking seductively in the video, she says it was just an "accessory" and she doesn't smoke in real life.

That's very possible. She can use it as part of her video art form and have no interest in partaking, and certainly wish that her teenager daughter not.

However, its mere presence in the video may influence others, given that Madonna is one of the more glamorous, legendary performers of all time.

Well, at least before MDNA album sales tanked.

What do you think? Hypocritical? Or totally different because a music video is an art form and does not dictate how Madonna lives her personal life?


Whether intended or not, the video serves as a visual cue which could provoke people to smoke similar to people dressing like their favourite icons/celebrity. I'm surprised someone as meticulous as Madonna did not to see this.


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An actor who plays the part of a murderer is probably not one, so, no, she’s not a hypocrite. Is this in good taste? Of course not. Madonna depends on breaches of social etiquette to get noticed. If she stopped, we’d wonder if she’d lost her mind.


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Another old crone who's time has come and gone. Have never ever liked this person, she gave slut and whore a whole new name in her presence in society. and to Judy grow up honey before you write. You are such a hypocrite in your own right. I am scared for your children.


Personally I think it's funny that the negative influence she's had on society has come back to bite her in the butt. Her daughter will probably be permiscuous also after she realizes what a tramp her mom is.


It's "art" to smoke, Judy? And now that makes Madonna an 'artist',I guess. Gives her work such credibility, huh?


Leave her alone. It's used as art in the video. If someone is going to smoke they will because they want to. Not because Madonna looks hot with one. She is a grown woman and if she has a cigarette in her mouth and her daughter decides to smoke, Madonna is perfectly justified and not hypocritical in telling her she can't do it. What I stand for with my children is "Do as I say, NOT what I do!"


Answer the question, potatospud--Is it hypocritical to glorify smoking in her video (which will be viewed by thousands of teens) yet deplore it in her daughter's case? Personally, I think Madonna is a hypocrite and has never cared about what influence her videos have had on the young.

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