Elise Testone Wants To Know What Love Is

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Following Elise Testone singing a version of Foreigner's "I Wanna Know What Love Is" on American Idol last night, Jennifer Lopez told the finalist that she really likes her outfit. In other words:

Uh-oh. Elise could be in trouble.

No panelist exactly swooned over the performance, with Steven Tyler wondering if it was the proper song choice and Randy Jackson saying there were pitch problems. Is the bottom three in Testone's future? Critique for yourself now:

Which women did stand out on Idol this week? Our ranking of performers from this gender would be:

  1. Skylar Laine on "Wind Beneath My Wings."
  2. Jessica Sanchez on "How Will I Know?"
  3. Hollie Cavanagh on "What A Feeling."
  4. Testone's "I Wanna Know What Love Is."

Elise is my pick to win it all best voice, best stage presence, etc. I also like Colton and Jessca. I'd love to see a Colton and Elise final with Elise inning it all.


I am a Jessica and Elise fan, and I thought Elise did pretty well in this performance. the unique rasp that i love about elise's voice was there; and my ears clearly heard her hit the notes. perhaps the judges just mistook the raspy growls. I would always prefer Elise's rasp takes on songs and Jessica's smooth growls over Joshua's ear-piercing and vocal chord-straining screeches. no wonder the poor boy was ill during the recent results show. the judges need to save his vocal health by not doing S.O. everytime he strains his vocal chords to the precarious max! joshua has got a good normal singing voice that needs to be conserved by not prodding him to over-screech till his legs had to twitch like that.


Calling all Crazy Ones! Stellar Revival\'s song is your new anthem! http://shar.es/rXhwB


She wasn't bad and some other singers are getting the royal treatment and they are pitchy and miss notes--Hollie is getting slammed every week and she is pretty good and she is NOT pitchy they are trying to get rid of her as she will draw votes away from those who like Jessica--I think they are being rude. Last nt at the end of the show Randy mentioned every performer's name except Hollie --for doing a good job--enough profiling please judges--get some b---- and give better critiques of ALL the singers stop saying they are excellent and behaving like they don't make mistakes, I'm through with this show until the judges become more fair and realistic.


This chic Elise gets on my last nerve....i don't care for her singing, and i doubt if she will be on A.I. much longer....I
am suprised she's lasted this long, she's been in the bottom 3 a lot........


Skylar Laine stood out last night singing "Wind Beneath my wings". Her BEST performace yet! She got my vote last night!

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