Deandre Brackensick on American Idol Elimination: I Agree!

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Throughout his run on American Idol, which came to an end on last night's results show, Deandre Brackensick was easily the most polarizing contestant on season 11.

And the long-haired crooner knew it, based on an interview he gave to E! News soon after Ryan Seacrest broke the bad news to him on national television.

"My style, you either love it or hate it," Brackensick said. "And, you know, R&B is so unappreciated right nowadays and I really want to bring it back, so I kind of had a feeling somewhat. Things happens for a reason and it's not the end. Just gotta keep fighting for it."

Deandre Brackensick Sings

Jennifer Lopez said she tried to save Deandre last night, but she was outvoted by Randy and Steven.

Still, you won't hear this aspiring star complain. Quite the opposite, in fact.

"I understand where the judges are coming from. I've already been saved once and you only get so many chances, so I wasn't ready for America right now. I agree with them 100 percent. I agree with the judges, I agree with Jimmy [Iovine] and what happened. I'm just grateful I got to this point."

Do you think Brackensick should have been sent home this week?


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@Sickening: Amen Brother!!! Deandre otherwise known as "Perm", for his hair or "Soul Glow" looks like someone you would see on a cruise ship or hole in the wall at a an airport lounge. It amazes me that this uy makes it to the live shows as well as Heejun or the other big guy J-Lo was in love with who got kicked off earlier. How about we get down to a real show and eliminate all but Joshua, Phillip, Jessica and Skylar. Instead of having to suffer through mediocre performances (Heejun, "Perm", etc)


Thought he was great during Hollywood Week when he just did solid singing. He went falsetto too much and it just came across as trying to be too cutesy. I hope he has a career-we need a good old-style R&B singer. DeAndre: all you needed to do was just sing!


Whoever posted above sickening, I have a question for you? Why would you listen to someone whom you label as sickening? If you don't like don't listen! How hard is that to figure out???


all people who talking bad about him are stupid white bitches.deandre is a good performer with long blonde curly hair.don't be jealoes on him.he can sing more than all the judges.and it wasn't his time to go home.i'll miss you so much .and try it was hollie time to go.


This kid was starting to get on my last nerve....with the constant hair pushing back, he was acting too girlie for my taste, and was not a good singer...I'm glad he's gone...the reason why he lasted this long was J.Lo loved him and wanted him for herself, and the teenbopper 2 year olds voted him this far....AMEN SEE YA>>>>>>WOULDN"T WANT TO BE YA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


You are so right, DeAndre. R&B has become a lost art and that's such a shame. Some of our greatest music comes from that era. Props to DeAndre for trying to remind America how awesome this genre is. I truly hope he succeeds in bringing this kind of music back. R&B is still loved by many (me included) but it shouldn't only be appreciated by an older audience. Young people should open up their hearts and minds to the great lyrics and melodies of yesterday. The stories they tell relate to the youth of today, just as it related to me when I was their age. Long live, De Andre! You rocked and will be missed.