American Idol Results: Who Got the Boot?

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American Idol traveled back to the 1980s last night.

But the remaining eight finalists were forced to look ahead on Thursdays results show, as America voted and revealed an unfortunate future for one contestant:

He or she is going home. Who received the bad news?

The Final 8

It appeared briefly that fan favorite Phillip Phillips might be in danger, but it came down to Elise Testone and DeAndre Brackensick in the bottom two.

The contestant getting the boot this week was ...


The audience, predictably, began chanting "Save! Save! Save! Save!" Unfortunately for the falsetto-singing teen, only one of the judges would've done so.

Jennifer broke the bad news: "This boy right here, we've been watching him for two years. You're an amazing performer. I stand by that," she told him.

However, "I only get one vote. I'm sorry ... we're not saving you tonight."

Ryan puts her on the spot, asking if J. Lo voted to save him while Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson didn't. "Yes," she replies, "that's what I'm saying."

Think she was serious? It's a good cover story if not. Every week could be a 2-1 decision against the eliminated singer. Anyway, best of luck, DeAndre.

What do you think? Did America (and the judges) get it right?


The judges dont give good advice. We need Simon back he is the real deal.Everybody know that Joshua is the best n the strongest. Thats our American Idol.


Additude? Phillip Phillips? NOT....Haley Reinhart theres your additude


Even if phillip gets the boot tonight he WILL get the save....beacuse hes that good and the 3 judges know it!


Phillip phillips should have been gone I stoped watching idol this year after deandre left I think that phillips dude has a family member at ai because I personaly think he sucks deandre voice was unique and classic a young smokey robinson if I say so! Good night and good bye till next year I could care less who wins this year...


Somebody needs to look up the definition of's totaly acceptable to dissmiss. He's his own man and i think thats a quality we need to see more of.


Oh, and by the way, for all that think and I am comparing Phillip to Michael Jackson you are mistaken. It is simply an example. oh, just not finished: Deandre sucked so bad!!!


@hershey: Just because he did not listen to Jimmy Phillip should go? Are you kidding? I thought it took guts to stand up and say what he believed in. Let me ask you this-would you take front row tickets to Michael Jackson (in his prime)or not just because he didn't wear the hat or white glove? Point is its Michael Jackson-nobody would care and take the tickets. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC AND PASSION OF THE SINGER OR BAND. At least that's the way I look at it.


Best thing Idol did was get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!! He was the worst I have ever ever heard in a long time. If he made it to the finals it would have been the last of Idol for us! Skyler & Philip ???? OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!




(oops)...remaining true to self....Scotty did, and Skylar is...Holly is trying...I didn't appreciate his attitude past Thursday.


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