Tommy Jordan on Laptop Shooting: No Regrets!

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He may have shot up his daughter’s laptop to send a message, but Tommy Jordan doesn't regret it - and more importantly, he and Hannah Marie have made amends.

Nearly a month after posting his now-infamous video, he spoke on Today about his eight-minute "Facebook parenting" guide and their relationship since.

The video has 10 times more likes than dislikes on YouTube, and he has wide support in THG's poll (below). But Jordan admits he might not do it again.

“A lot of people took eight minutes of my life to judge me, and about 30 seconds of those where I read Hannah’s note to judge her,’’ he told Matt Lauer.

“I have a great daughter. She made a mistake. I made a mistake that day. I stand behind what I did, but the consequences were a lot larger than hers.’’

Asked if he has any regrets, he said, “Considering what’s come of it and the national and almost international conversation that it sparks, no I don’t.’’

But would he do it again? "It would be a tough decision to know what I know now," he paused, then admitted. "It’s brought a lot of stress on my family."

I’m sure I’d have to weigh, ‘Is the international story that seems to be talked about more important than my family’s peace of mind?' So that would be tough."

Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's laptop: Right or wrong?


This story is still so ridiculous! I can't believe it keeps going on. This family has "issues" to say the least!




iF more parents would be honest they would admit that they themselves have felt like smacking the fire out of their kids mouths when they back talk them or talk trash about them when they have stood on their feet for over forty hours a week just so the little selfish monsters can have the latest gadget or newest shoes so I have no problem with what this dad did to something he bought for his smartass kid


Dude kinda remind me of Todd Palin when he dressed up for television!!