Tommy Jordan, North Carolina Dad, Shoots Daughter's Laptop Nine Times Over Facebook Posts

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Tommy Jordan, a North Carolina dad, recently taught his teenage daughter the hard way to show some respect - and that nothing on the Internet is really private.

He pulled out a gun and pumped nine bullets into her laptop - on camera.

When her dad discovered a Facebook rant that she thought she had blocked from him, he decided to respond in a way that will certainly never be forgotten.

Jordan, of Albemarle, N.C., posted this video on YouTube, responding to his daughter Hannah's post, in which she complained about having to do chores:

"I'm not your damn slave," Tommy, who works in IT and discovered the post when adding software to her laptop to upgrade it, read from Hannah's post.

"We have a cleaning lady for a reason."

After continuing to read his 15-year-old's missive, he fired bullets into her computer from a .45 handgun. That's one way to get your point across.

Jordan also addresses Hannah on camera in the video, saying that she can clean up the house and get a new computer if she pays for one herself.

Tommy also noted that Hannah must pay him back for the bullets and software he just installed. Ouch. No laws were broken, and there will be no investigation.

Just the same, the father's actions have sparked controversy and discussion, with some finding it way out of line, and others praising his backbone.

"Maybe a few kids can take something away from this," he wrote on YouTube.

"If you're so disrespectful as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you're deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love."

Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's laptop:


Susan vega It wasnt private but posted on her wall and she tried to hide her wall so her dad wouldnt see it. And why is it not a parents right no JOB to check and see what and where and who there kids are with at all times. And as for all the rest of you people I guess you needto figure out a better way because the way modern kids have been let go in not working at all.


I respect Tommy! I have a 10 year old who I have MANY pages of porn history to deal with and still dont know what to do??? Attorney and comp. expert, and still no clue? She did not get this bug from me I can guarantee it! She goes to a school of 130 total kids, 14 in her class, no one is overlooking her, but she is finiding a way. You dont have to be a HICK or a LOSER to have a child that is going to find what they want they matter what you do to their computer. Kudos to the man that said BS to the money...Nix the Ipod, Nix the I touch Nix the internet, Nix all the other techie BS... Lets see how far he gets, but I am with him....


Wow... at first, seeing the title, i thought he was overreacting... but after hearing the letter...
Shoot... that girl deserved it!
if any kid ever does that no matter how old, a bullet at the laptop is hardly enough!


Mr. Jordan I think you did the right thing! I have 3 kids and they know I would have done the same thing, I am glad to see your daughter understands the point know....some times lessons in life are learned the hard way!


First of.. The post the girl made was privatr to her "friends" not to the public! The fact is that daddy as a tech knew how to "upgrade" her laptop to snoop around her privacy.. He was the one making this public to the world! And him himself is humiliating his own family!
Besides that..Come on! The kid wanted some kind of appreciation by doing so many chores at home not just cash!
Now every parent should grab a gun and shoot any media device just because their son or daughter are expressing their feelings to their friends.. Geez we were all younh once!




I think it gave the daughter a good dose of reality. It should teach her a lesson ... it would have if it was me. But what I'm wondering is if this dad may be a victum of his own rationality and end up buying his dauther a new one when he gives in to her next game ... make him feel guilty as hell. I sure hope she's not so unstable that she goes out and does something to hurt herself.


For starters, I think that Tommy Jordan looks like a combination of BOTH a serial killer and a mass murderer!!! YIKES!!! Also, Tommy looks like he has MORE THAN a few issues swimming around in his brain. To me, it's one thing for that guy to destroy his daughter's laptop like that. But, to film it and then put it on YouTube??? I think Tommy went WAY TOO FAR!!!!! Man, oh, man...I'm glad that Tommy ain't my dad!!! In the end, I don't think Tommy parentally accomplished a damn thing!!! His daughter Hannah will either (1) hate him for a very long time or (2) save up enough money to buy herself a new laptop. OR BOTH!!! Case closed.


Maybe the shooting was a little over the top....but the profanity laced letter the daugher wrote her dad was way over the top!!!


PS And no, this is not a credible means of discipline either! I could give at least...say..ohhhh..."67" reasons this is lame reasoning both on the Dad's and this professed "professional's part.

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