Ray J to Enter Grief Counseling

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Ray J, a hip hop artist and reality star previously best known for videotaping himself having sex with Kim Kardashian, is not taking the death of Whitney Houston well at all.

Describing the late singer as "the love of [Ray J's] life," a source tells Radar Online that this amateur sex tape director will soon seek professional help.

"He has saved voice mail messages on his cell phone from her that he has been listening to," this insider claims. "His sister Brandy has urged him to go to counseling to deal with this loss, and he has finally agreed."

"Ray is just numb and he needs to be able to start to deal with these feelings."

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Ray J spoke out a couple weeks ago about the pain from Whitney's passing and said God has been talking him through it. We wish him all the best in this difficult time.


That's so sad that after his reality show he became a nobody again and had to get with a famous person and once she died he acts all depressed at sad for the media.


Milking it for all the attention he can get I guess.


Don't worry- he will be out in time for the " Players Ball " in Detroit. Already got his Gem Studdded pimp cup!


I'm glad he didn't get a chance to bring more pain and misery into her life! Get help on being a human being you nasty nut! I don't feel bad for your nasty ass!


"being a player"---"player" as in---A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex. Is that possibly it?


i'm sorry what?


Life ain't easy being a player.

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