Paula Deen on Lawsuit: I'm an Extortion Victim!

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Paula Deen says that the former general manager of her restaurant who's suing for sexual harassment tried to extort her by demanding a seven figure sum.

If she failed to put up, Deen says she was told she'd face "ruin."

Paula's responding to a lawsuit filed against her and her brother Bubba Heirs by Lisa Jackson, former G.M. of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House.

Deen cited a letter from Lisa's lawyer, who wrote bluntly that Lisa would shut up and not file the lawsuit against Paula if she forked over $1.25 million.

Paula Deen and The Situation

Paula Deen with The Situation, who has nothing to do with this article.

Lisa's lawyer adds, "If we are unable to settle, the complaint will not be quietly filed. I am making arrangements for a press conference on the day of filing."

Paula is asking for a gag order in the case, prohibiting everyone in the case from blabbing to the media ... which clearly hasn't been the case up until now.

Paula's lawyer says Lisa's strategy is clear: "Pay or I will ruin you."

Lisa claims Bubba engaged in a campaign of terror, subjecting her to porn, kissing and spitting on her, making racist and sexist jokes, and on and on.

Paula denies all of Lisa's allegations, and says that just before she quit, Lisa praised Bubba and told Paula how he helped her become independent.



It seems silly for a white woman to "play the race card."


Yes- and if The accusations are not true may the Accuser walk the streets with a body length sign that reads- " I am a Liar" not to mention I have tried to ruin someone's credibility and livelihood with my false accusations. Then hopefly they can teach a class titled " Living a Lie" with Attachments such as " When all else fails play the Race Card" or "Jealousy is contagious" or " Extortion & the illusion that it is an option". This Society is made up of nothing more than a high % of weak - Blaming- Low Self Asteem - Lazy- 2 Faced - Snakes that are always trying to come behind and collect on someone's hard earned money......... Kind of like that Liberal Obama.


Racial discrimination,employment harassment, any other inappropriate behaviors,in the workplace,whether private,public,or governmental by heavy handed,loose mouth inhumane employers need not be tolerated in our society. If these allegations of misconduct enter the halls of justice, may indeed truth come forward and justice prevail for all.

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