Madonna Releases "Superstar" Sneak Preview, Lourdes Leon Provides Backing Vocals!

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A minute-long snippet from Madonna's upcoming single "Superstar," has been released, and may be the most interesting preview from her new album MDNA so far.

Thanks in very large part to her partner in song: Daughter, Lourdes Leon.

Madonna's 15-year-old girl is growing up fast, contributing background vocals for her famous mom's new tune. Take a listen below and see if you can pick her out:

Rather than just serving as a PR-worthy, superfluous addition to the song, Lourdes' involvement is more of a fun (and sentimental) collaboration with mom.

After all, the tune, "Superstar," is a followup of sorts to "Little Star," the 1998 single Madonna penned in honor of her daughter. How time flies, right?

What do you think of the track? Share your comments with us below.

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yes its destiny and when i heard about a vab dah hee kim bella dat was a model 4 black men??:( i said no dis respect to da kids n to you but like i said :) i am here for the love of juelz mean from da heart n he means alot to me since jan 2007 anyhow when it comes to juelz arrest it means alot wit what happenwes in jan 2009- feb2011 to the arrest and all anyways to me im destiny as me ? i kw y im here for my man juelzsantana n ex specially to everything he means) 2 these are everything to every raindrop!:)!


she has absolutely nothing to say. completely void of content. this and everything on the last album as well.


It is most certainly a lot nicer to hear this, than other no talent music. She looks and sings Great. Even if she didn't, she'll decide when she doesn't want to perform anymore. It's not like anybody can fire her-haha. I won, that think she should retire. I wonder what these people look like, and what their occupation and age is that they think she should quit? What about Mick Jagger, Bono, Cher, Meatloaf,etc?


uh yeh its destiny n when i heard about the van n dah hee wit kim bella ?! wow i said well for ya uh what is it wit cubans n miami in a person to say dat i am who i am um so well even though i am a housegardener n uh im who i am who is me for dasha vus cooking wit my kitchen i have at da les of ny wow uhh where s ya pride:( ms bella?? anyhow when it comes to me i kw im me n i kw whats it about when it comes to ya faboloso n all ways uh :O sounds childish:) to me da reverse side of dis is on u dnt u think:(!


hey its destiny n when i heard about my man juelz arrest it really means alot to me :) so i ask the person who came from cuba havana on a float 2 say that me as destiny for my vocal speeches anyhow when it comes to bleaches wit blonde i mean im nt black?but i:) kw im dominicana n indiana but da cuban in da van en dah hee in her says im demandin i say i do n doesnt wait for the man to say i do as juelz wow :O uh :( 4 juelz arrest i say i do n it means alot to me i when a kim bella demands it i say do u :(!!!


If you did your research you would know that it's not her second song. Don't like? Fine!! Don't bother commenting on
Something you obviously know NOTHING about.
Pathetic. Long live the QUEEN.
Hate is such a waste. Muah. Show up in an egg? Lmao. REDUCTIVE!


Don't listen to it then!!!! Haters!!! Lol. You guys are RIDICULOUS ! Must me Lil Monsters!!


YAWN, the only thing that Madonna can do that would shock us all would be to dress and act her age. It's time for her to retire.


LAME! The track is so digitized that we can't hear Madonna's actual voice- I guess because it might suck after all of these years. "Oh La La"- can't we come up with some actual lyrics? This should be on a children's album. Some of us still like pop but not weak pop.


Madonna is so over. She is artistically bankrupt. Her last single "Gimme All Your Luvin'" bombed, and this one is even worse. Could either of these songs be any more cliche'? If these are the best her new album has to offer, as the first two singles, the rest of the project must be even worse. No thanks. Used to love her, but she's not gonna gain any new fans with this crap.