Lamar Hurd: The First Black Bachelor?

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Lamar Hurd, a Portland sportscaster, is lobbying - and has already garnered great support - to become the first African-American star of ABC's The Bachelor.

According to his professional-looking audition video (below), Lamar’s assistant Tammy first came up with the idea to submit an application on his behalf.

“Let’s say I wanted to go on it, and was willing to do it, they haven’t even had a black Bachelor,” Lamar said of his initial resistance to apply. But he did!

If the video tells us anything, it's that Lamar Hurd is clearly telegenic, comfortable on camera, humble and shirtless a lot. Really, how can he go wrong?!

More importantly, he seems charismatic and charming, yet measured. Fun enough to lure viewers in, boring enough to be a non-polarizing blank slate.

Plus, the racial element would be one heck of a hook for the new season.

Lack of diversity is one of our top five complaints about the show (the other four being overuse of the word "journey", lame metaphors equating bungee jumping to romance, cringe-worthy grammar, i.e. "Ben and I's relationship", and Courtney Robertson).

It’s unclear if ABC would go for a non-white Bachelor, since past runner-ups have been good for ratings, or what the racial makeup of young women would be.

And is America even ready for the first minority Bachelor? Given that they've already had a cyborg on there twice (Brad Womack), we'd say yes. Please.

Would you wanna see Lamar Hurd as The Bachelor?


I agree with kristy..each race is qualified to be on the bachelor..iam mixed myself,my father is half Asian half indian andd my mum is half white,latino and with all this mix,people like me cant be bachelorattes.?DONT BE SUCH RACISTS..anyone can be a bachelor or bacheloratte and whoever finds it anoining should not watch the show PERIOD..


The rating will go down and he is not good looking at all.


ok kristi then lets have an asian bachelorete and throw up only wm contestants and i can guaruntee many ww would go ballistic-real talk


Really people?!?!? Is this what we've come to? I think it would be awesome to have other races on there and I am white... It's not The White Bachelor, it's The Bachelor. This is America, let's mix up the population on the show and those that don't like it can get over it... or not!


No because ABC is still primarily targeted towards whites. Being realistic, who really wants to see a whole bunch of white girls throwing themselves at some black guy who really isn't all that? I'm black and I don't. Oh, they'd throw a few black women in in this installment but if he didn't give them a rose, then black groups would be up in arms and all sorts of extra drama would occur. Maybe someone like Kris Humphries if you want a little diversity but this cat? No.


...but the only people who wanna see a blk bachelor are blk women end of story


Its funny to me how people can never be happy. They will always find a problem with everything. The show hasn't even aired yet and we already got people saying negative things. ABC you're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.


Yes i agree Pam.The guilt-ridden liberal white/jew media in their efforts to try and diversify everything always seems to throw a black boy on tv w/a white chick.Look at the 'E channel' and all the interracial couples (mainly b-man/w-woman)on there,alot of modern day porn,movies,commercials.Yeah the media are truly the best recruiters people like the klan/skinheads have ever had.Multiculturalism is a disease that is killing america and europe.




Gimme.a.f--king.break This is still a majority WHITE country and the ratings reflect in its success the way that it is.What next does there have to be an asian woman contestant? Then what? latino? Then what? asian man,black woman?? If abc goes this direction they will get a backlash like a motherf_________er and they'd deserve it imo.Unless they'd plan on using all black women trust me this will not fly anyone who thinks it will you really are clueless.Just being real here.


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