Kirk Cameron Defends Anti-Gay Views, Touts "Life's Mission to Love All People"

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Under fire for his anti-gay comments on Piers Morgan Tonight, former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron defended himself in a Facebook post Tuesday.

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    I think it would be nice if when Kirk was asked a question, he would have been allowed to answer it. Not open his mouth to speak only to be continuously cut off by that rude individual. Apparently the guy isn't very good at his job. Also, It really saddens me that people - as an example - other "child"'actors would criticize Kirk for expressing his beliefs. It is very apparent that they just want to get the "vote" so to speak, and go with the flow so people will like them. That's a very big part of the problem in the world today. Very few people have the guts to say what they know or believe is right (no matter the subject) - its all a popularity game and it's sad and scary at the same time. Where have people's values gone? Don't criticize Kirk Cameron for sticking to what he believes in. He at least speaks from his heart - and isn't trying to win a popularity contest.


    "Kirk Cameron is Completely Heterosexual"


    As a Christian who believes that the Bible is the written inspired word of God, Kirk has an obligation to express what he believes based on what is written in scripture. No one has to accept his views, but he is spreading the Gospel as it is told to all Christians to do. By the same token, we are to love all people, regardless of their sins or beliefs, as we are also told to do--as God does, and as Jesus did on earth. Everyone of us is a sinner--without exception--so not one of us is better than another, but we still do not have to agree with or condone what we are taught is sinful--especially in ourselves. There sould be no hate talk between either side of the issue--just prayer, love and understanding.


    'he didn't apologise for his beliefs' ...well he shouldn't have to, you people can't make everyone agree with you although you may have brainwashed everyone though the media and lobbying, GROW UP ! people are free to disagree with you and your lifestyle . Some people are anti-gay, Get over IT!


    Kirk your a sick bible thumping American.I am sure 100% you are in the closet you sickoo.


    @ Jason I agree with you. Kirk has a right to speak up! And yes, "hate the sin, love the sinner" was what Christ said.


    I have to say 'Love the sinner hate the sin' Homosexuaility in any form is just as sinful in God's eyes as stealing a candy bar from a store.

    Homosexuality is condemned in the Bible in so many places. Kirk as a Christian has a responsbility to stand up for the truth just as I would in the same situtation.

    I condemn the sin and will love the sinners soul enough to teach them the truth about God's love, grace and punishment to those who disobey His word.


    I agree with Carlos...Christians can be such hypocrites!!! Until Carlos had brought it up, I had forgotten all about the Ted Haggard controversy. A while back, I watched a documentary about Ted Haggard. I watched it on HBO On Demand. To me, it was quite an eye-opener. As I was watching it, I was truly shocked at some of the things that I saw!!! And, believe I get older, it takes A LOT to shock and/or offend me!!! And, Carlos is so RIGHT ON...Kirk and Ted are NO DIFFERENT from each other. Only...I think that Kirk is WORSER than Ted!!! Until next time, this is Jaybird369 saying...PEACE!!!


    kirk......the people critizing you are the ones you are critizing.
    freedom of speech is everyones, not just yours.
    so stop pointing that boney finger and brush up on romans 2:1


    I, too, am against the gay agenda. I'm against it being shoved down my throat in full expectation of my tolerance. If we, those who oppose said lifestyle are to be tolerant of sin, then they, those who fully embrace it, should be tolerant of us who don't like it. Tolerance is a two way street.

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