Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Humphries: Who's the Fraud?

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The divorce may be off.

No, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are not getting back together, but insiders tell TMZ both sides of the couple are willing to go the annulment path... as long as the other side admits he/she acted like a fraud during their 72-day union.

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Kim believes that Kris lied when he promised to move to Hollywood, only to then insist the couple settle down in Minnesota.

Kris believes Kim never intended to commit to the marriage and is asking for $7 million in order to keep quiet about details that would reportedly support this allegation.

The source adds that Kardashian is willing to go to any financial length to prove her side in court if it comes to that. In the meantime, she'll just continue to Tweet topless photos of herself.

Who do you think was the bigger fraud during this marriage?


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Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Humphries: Who's the Fraud?
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!


Everytime I see Kim crying on her show about wishing this whole thing was over, I have to laugh. I hope Kris drags this out as long as he possibly can. Maybe Kim and her manager mother might just learn a lesson on using people for financial gain. You know that that whole family is looking to make a buck and it doesn't matter who they step on in the process. Kris maybe a jerk but Kim and her mother are just plain media whores.


People does not know how to spell. Hollywood is going to hell in a handbasket it is such a corrupt place.


I think kris is the main fraud here . Gosh u guys should leave kim alone. Kim has don a lot 4 that idiot he should be greatfull 2 kim and bless the day he meet kim


Why wld u say is fake as her extention.Kris is a caword,he knew wat he was getting into but he kept,cos he knew wat he wanted.At least his publicity wit Kim got him a job.Kris is a mannerless idot who wanted publicity.


Kris is by far the bigger fraud. He didnt take the marriage seriously. Even though there was a lockout and he didnt have a team, basketball was more important to the point he went back to Minn a week after being in NY. He didnt mame her a priority and he talked down to her and bullied her and her friend. Its too bad he wont just give ber a divorce and they can both go on with their lives.


Kris is da fraud 1.. People leave kim alone and watch the show ull see,,

Avatar give up!


I think they are both frauds. She is a publicity hog & I think he enjoys it too. I don't follow his career, but he certainly, IMO, has zero appeal & personality. He always has that puss on his face like he smells something foul, scrunching up his nose & squinting. And, she needs to stop tweeting topless photos of herself..she is making a fool of herself at her age. The world has seen her naked & her nasty sex tape. Grow up, Kim. Too bad that marriage didn't work because those two make a good pair. Both self-centered, & shallow, & need their egos inflated every hour...


To accuse Kris of lying is ridiculous. I mean, what was in it for him? - He wasn't going to be a more in-demand athlete by marrying Kim (they hire them for their athletic performance, not because of their magazine covers!!)
- He wouldn't make more money out of Kim (she had a pre-nup which gave him nothing)
- He would see his whole life splashed on a reality-show, which I doubt was very appealing. So what dark secrets or lies would he use to marry Kim? It sounds ludicrous.

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