Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb: Kaught on Kamera!

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Kim Kardashian has been flour bombed.

As previously reported, the professional celebrity was doing what she does best last night in Los Angeles - posing on a red carpet - when a young woman ran up and doused her with a bag of white powder later identified as basic cooking flour.

"I'm fine," Kardashian told E! News after the incident. "You have to laugh it off! I brushed off and came right back out."

She also didn't press charges against the culprit, who was detained by police and then released. What does it say that a tiny percentage of the THG staff wonders whether Kim concocted this flap on her own for the sake of publicity and sympathy? Just the obvious, we suppose.

Watch footage from the event now:


How can somebody put flour on kim, for me is just jealosy, if you donot want to see her , just be at home kim love ya


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Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb: Kaught on Kamera!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


This is a negative reievw on a product that u didn't use properly. However, I used it properly and, yes I thought I was going to DIE!!!!!!! lol. I had the puky feeling but haven't yet, and crapping like a mothereffer is what it does. ahahaahahha, not fun but I feel that one thing this product gives is the energy too workout like a crackhead lol


Hahahaha!!!! Good for her!


Omg...Can't you guys just leave Kim alone? She was just at the red carpet like all the other celebrities:L That lady from peta had no right to throw flour over Kim.... You guys should'nt saying all of this, you know know what shes going through!! So why don't you all just fuckoff because YOU have no life! Keep your head up high Kim and don't listen to these lowlifes


Who thinks its okay to wear fur!!!!??????? Poor animals.......she can't cry about this.....especially when nobody cares for her !!! It's her fault for continuing to try and stay in the public eye when everybody hates you! She needs to just go away!! Shes addicted to money and doesn't care,refuses to stay out of the spotlight! It's pathetic! When is kris h. Goin to throw her dirty laundry out in court!!!!!!! Ugggh some people will do anything for fame!


Omg that seriously is another publicity the help does her security guards not see that coming and also...see someone have a bag of flour in her hand that close.....come on!!!!!!! This woman is soooo fake! But hey what do u expect when you thinks its okay for ppl to look animals and think its okay to wear them!! Shame on Kim!


Who cares? This is a person who is just idle rich and being whatever she is for a 'living' is supposed to make her more accessible to the everyday working man or woman. If people stopped talking about theses celebrities everyday, their over-sized egos would either deflate or explode and kill them.


it was all staged.


I have to agree with other people that this seems staged.


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