Kim Kardashian: Attacked by Woman, White Powder

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This is so not kool, people.
Kim Kardashian White Powder Pic

During an event at the London Hotel in West Hollywood last night, Kim Kardashian was walking the red carpet when a woman ran up and tossed white powder all over the reality star's back and hair.

You can see the before-and-after shots from the fragrance launch below, with Kim being led away, following the assault, in the latter photo:

Kim Kardashian on a Red Carpet
Kim Kardashian White Powder Pic

The fire department was called in to determine the powder was simply cooking flour and police have detailed the assailant, who really is a moron.

If you aren't a fan of Kim Kardashian, ignore her on Facebook and Twitter. Don't make her sympathetic in the eyes of the public and definitely don't give her a reason to make more headlines.

Seriously, even Jon Hamm would not approve of this idiotic act.

UPDATE: Watch footage from the Kim Kardashian flour bomb now!

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Kim Kardashian: Attacked by Woman, White Powder
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Have fun


Just a jealous woman




Mad Man Hamm,wat is ur sweat??
Let KK be,if u like her ask her out on a date and stop making a fool of urself.
KK,u rock!!!!!!


I'm not upset that Kim got powered but it really just sounds like some obsessed fan is just trying to get attention. I agree with you guys, GET A LIFE.


I dont even kim kardashin but if you have nothing better to do than try to mess up someones day and pay weird cruel pranks on people then that is sad get a life


Doesn't this woman wear real fur...I don't follow her. Bit boring but if she is someone who wears fur then big pity the white powder wasn't anthrax or something. You have got to be so absolutely numb and ignorant to wear fur in the 21st centuary - so if she is a fur wearer then she is revolting....numb cruel self indulgant scum and deserves much much worse than white powder!!!


Remember what she does to other people.she lied to her little sisters.she made 18 milling dollies on the fake wedding.she kept the ting and all the gifts for herself. She has no morals. Give me a break.
Sharon coffman


A person like Kim deserves better treatment than that!the lady should have done it extra bravo with sumthing like acid...r even gunpowder!that who slut!all she wants is jus sympathy..& attention


Who kim sleeps has slept with and who she marries is her business people stop hatin on her at least shes not a drug attict or anything lay off her i atill thinks shes sexy as hell regardless of all the bs

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