Kim Kardashian: Dumped by Reggie Bush! Dating a Saudi Billionaire!

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So much for a pretend elopement. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have now gone through a fake breakup.

According to Life & Style, Bush has "been seeing" a Kim lookalike, despite the fact that Kardashian believed these two would give it another shot after she divorced Kris Humphries.

“Reggie’s her one true love," an anonymous friend told the tabloid. "He could easily fire things up with Kim now, but he’s chosen not to.”

Dumped by Reggie?!?
A New Man for Kim?

But don't cry too hard for Kim, people! Star Magazine claims she has many other options, namely a Saudi billionaire who gave her his phone number when she was in Dubai last November.

“She wants to be taken care of,” a source tells this magazine. “She’s done being a sugar mama.”

In other Kim news from this week: She's a freak in bed!


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Kim Kardashian: Dumped by Reggie Bush! Dating a Saudi Billionaire!
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Have fun


lol we have the same name lets go out together


I am very sad for Kris he actually loved Kim, however she seems to be a little bit passed around and maybe she can't keep one man? I still like the rest of the Kardashians but Kim is on my list of few now. I personally think she seen her mom get that rock on the family vacation, and La La had that great wedding she felt she needed to follow the lead...Just my opinion!! Still mad she did that to Kris, I sure hope Reggie is worth it?


Kim kardashian is the most pathetic person I have ever been exposed to. I feel for Kris Humphries. Good thing the Kardashian's have so much clout and edited so much of the reality show to make Kris H out to be the bad guy, when the truth of the matter probably is that Kim only married him to try and win Reggie Bush back. She will one day learn that she can't play God. Karma is a bitch and one day her & Kris J will get theirs. I love watching Khloe and Lamar - only goes to prove that loving a good person can make you a good person. I think Kourtney and Scott are an amazing couple. Kudos to Scott for sticking by Kourtney and loving her enough to put up with all the crap her family has put him through. I hope they get married and have the most wonderful life together.


This young man is a son of a Saudi multi billionaire, He is a member of Altowaijry family he's a designer ... and he is the one who designe that dress for her and the ring .... SO i think that they are friends and I think that she is just a business for him


Kim Kardashian is Hot.


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I'm tired of hearing this nasty s@#$ about Kim. What a waste of paper and ink!


Corrections @kurd

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