Ray J Accuses Kim Kardashian of Infidelity, Sexual Hypnosis

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Ray J has come out with a new book. We'll give you a few moments to stop laughing...

Titled "Death of the Cheating Man" and co-authored with some guy named Maxwell Billieon, the tome alleges that Kim Kardashian cheated with then-husband Damon Thomas in 2004 when she started boning her future sex tape partner.

"She let me know she wanted to get with me," Ray J writes. "She left her husband for me as soon as we started having sex."

Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray Photo
Kim Kardashian Bikini Tweet

Ray adds that he had "no respect" for Kim while they dated, but then makes it clear why he stuck with her anyway.

"We were like animals; sexually free to try anything, and we did," he writes. "For years KK and I had a great sex life. There was more to our relationship, but the majority of it was about our wild and extreme sexual chemistry. She was a straight freak who was down to do whatever, whenever and that seriously hypnotized me."

Yes, we know, Ray. We all watched the video.


Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is known to be a hard to find one.
You can digg it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Ray J Accuses Kim Kardashian of Infidelity, Sexual Hypnosis
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Good luck!


U don't hav 2 judge them for this. We all hav our vices. To some itz crack, others its Booze; theirs is SEX! so what d heck ar u all talkin about.
We all luv sex directly or indirectly. Let themm be and let their conscience prick them and not Us.


Why does ray j need to write a book about his affair with this hoe bag? Seriously, he is so gross my cousin met him in person and he had invited her and her friend to a hotel room party and he sat there singing and was cutting his nasty toe nails and asked my cousin for sex. Eww! She was so grossed out she walked out of the room on Ray J. LOL! She said he was GHETTO! So for kim to be all over that nasty ass dude means she is one dirty nasty hoe. Now that I think of it my cousin could of had a sex tape and maybe her own show lol if he would of slept with his nasty ass...LOL jk! Thats how careers are made in Hollywood. He is a nobody and so is she..match made in heaven! For people to idolize this woman and think this is ok you got serious issues.


Ray J just wants to profit and make money too! Shit why shouldnt she he is just as gross as her and he co starred in her calculated sex tape to make her famous. Calculated because that was her only way to fame. These two are lame and are soooo low they have to resort to sex tapes and shit like this to make a career. Kim makes me laugh she says she "runs businesses, produces and all this crap...the only way she got there is f++ing her way to the top and sleeping with every rapper in hollywood. She isnt respectable nor has a career that is respectable and that dude was right she is a freakin moron with no talent. She aint no executive CEO important person.she does is have shit handed to her because she is the IT girl making these idiots on E money as soon as her extended 15 min are up...they will give her the boot and her doors will close. Then she will just have her lame sex tape to blame for having no brains or education as a back up.


Ray J is just writing about his personal experiences. If the sex tape was never so called leaked KK wouldn't be the outstanding citizen that she is today. His character is questionable and she screwed her way to fame (first with her husband Damon) trust me if he abused her, her pimp/mother Kris would have made sure she got more than $56,000 for a divorce settlement. Then she filmed herself having sex with Ray J these are two important milestones in her career. Ha HA Ha poor KK. If I'm not mistaken she is now part of America's 1% club and loving it.


Why are there so many uncivilized people here? I say...


nobody has respect for KK she's a PIG and the "saudie Prince" just wants a wack at her THAT"S ALL he doesn't WANT HER


Ray j needs arms? stupid little boy cant you go to big sister brandy and beg,shameless idiot! am sure you begged and she never wanted your sorry dick back..foool!


the only reason Kim is famous is becuz of who she has F*#ked thats it! no wonder she cnt keep a man! men these days dnt want fake a$$ tramps who has slept wit every black guy in the entertainment industry!!! its simple stop bn fake & a slut & maybe someone...maybe...will actually wana b married to u fo reals hunny! cuzright now i wouldnt touch the bitch even if she paid me!!!


I'm pretty sure people will buy it. If I ever go to a bookstore I wouldn't. Looking at Ray J over the years having seen him on tv shows, videos etc. I must say he needs prayer. Whatever makes you happy and keeps you on ur toes go for it.

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