Jermaine Jones to Be Booted from American Idol

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Jermaine Jones is reportedly getting kicked off American Idol.

The finalist was already in trouble for lying about the status of his relationship with his father, according to TMZ, when producers dug deeper into his past and uncovered a couple more untruths:

He has a criminal history. Jones has been arrested twice, providing a fake name to police on both occasions. One of the incidents also involved violence, sources confirm.

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American Idol insiders say Jones will appear on tomorrow night's performance show, but will then be given the axe. It's unclear exactly how it will all go down.

Should Jermaine be kicked off the show?


I still have no Idea what He did wrong ,I hope he reads some of these comments.Law or not ,EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE.No he wasn't my personal fav.But I do Think he deserved to be there.We are Only supposed to vote on his talent not his past..


I think Idol did the right thing. I hope this will be on the minds of future contestants, lie and you will be booted off the show. I can't believe the lies he told about his father. Personally I was hoping he would have been booted off before all this came out. He got this far because people felt sorry for him not because of his singing ability.


I though American Idol went too far!! they humiliated this kid by airing his business to the whole world. I hope he sues them for humiliation. They should of kept his personal business behind closed doors. Tacky really tacky. I wont be watching this show anymore.


Jermaine should of been given a chance to prove to himself and to the people and stand up for what he did in the past. The American Idol need to leave him alone on his past there are other singer's that come out and say I did this and did that and been in drugs treatment and decide to tryout for American Idol come on. American Idol new about this so they shouldnot of kick him off they let him go on forget about this and let it be. Bring on the American Idol! Now days who really tells the Trulth? Good luck to Jermaine in whatever his Dream's may follow.


he will fit right in with most of the other singers around. who cares


Seriously guys? He was a criminal! Is that the person you want your children to watch on TV?


i won't watch american idol anymore. Even if he was arrested, was he convicted? He didn't kill someone in cold blood. Give the guy a second chance. Producers are Assholes! He was the only one on the show that was unique and different and not made out of the same old mold as the rest of them. Now the show is way too ordinary for me to watch.


No, I believe that he should be given a second chance, stop and think he is probably trying to change his life around. Put yourself in his shoes if you did something wrong wouldn't you want to turn your life around? People should'nt judge just because they don't know all the circumstances. I am all for giving people the opportunity to change, if they don't, its there loss.




American Idol... You knew. All for your ratings! , why bring him back?! You knew... Simon I will watch, not you, Kiss more Ass, I know what you are doing, the sacrifice, talent, why destroy him?! Aren't we given another chance?!

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