Happy 36th Birthday, Reese Witherspoon!

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The amazing Reese Witherspoon is 36 years young today.

In a career spanning a decade and a half, she's been atop the box office, won an Oscar, gotten married, had two kids, gotten divorced, gotten remarried ... and just this week, announced that she's pregnant with her third child!

That's a lot in just 36 years. And the best is yet to come!

A Reese Pic

Reese's own birthday probably isn't at the forefront of her mind right now, given that she and agent hubby Jim Toth are expecting their first child together.

Neither is looking amazing, because she's totally the type to whom it comes so naturally, but man, does she ever. Can you believe she's 36? Honestly.

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Reese Witherspoon in Sunglasses
Reese Waves
Reese Witherspoon, Red Dress
Reese Witherspoon, Husband
Barbie Reese
A Reese Witherspoon Photo
The Sweetheart of America
Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon

Fan of Reese; Jennifer Aniston; Danica Patrick (Danica says her Dad & Husband are wooses only go up to 180 MPH:) Robin Meade---Her Husbands a "Blessed Man"; Why; Why else gets the news first:) Reese your the same age as my son (36); He's the "Father" of twin girls; "Lexi & Sami"---Kindegarden; Sami fell off her bic & has a cast thrilled---all the signing of the cast & attention; She was following her "Dad" he felt bad until I told him about his "Uncle Glen--(when his Uncle "Glen was a kid fell off the porch a broke his arm---than made the press because a week later fell off the porch and broke his other arm (5 or 6); Made his younger brothers at the time feed him Apples & such:) "God Bless--enjoy your acting" Mr. B.L. Schaaf; Port Huron; Mi. 48060; Blue Water---Great Lakes Ship Country---Governor Palin has nothing on "port Huron residance---they can see canada from there "porches":)


Congratulations on the birthday and on the baby. Love you guys.


Congratulations to Reese and her family. Hope they have a marvelous year.


you have great taste in the roles you take, good head on your shoulders, girl, your beautiful inside and out!!!! you have the whole world loving you - may always be blessed at your home and with your projects, your 1 fan


AH, a breath of fresh air -- a truly talented, lovely and smart young woman. A very Happy Birthday!!
(Loved how she reamed the "sex tape" crowd for their stupid attempts at fame.)


Happy, Happy Birthday to you Beautiful.


my bday is also today!!! me nad her have the same bday. i knew i liked her for some reason.

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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon