Bomb Squad Called to Rush Limbaugh's House After Suspicious Package Arrives

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The Palm Beach County Sherriff's Office bomb squad was dispatched to Rush Limbaugh's Florida home after a suspicious package showed up in his mail.

Apparently wires were visible - never a good sign- and Limbaugh's security team called authorities. Fortunately, they discovered nothing harmful after all.

The suspect package sent to the talk radio mogul turned out to be an electronic plaque having to do with Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth.

Yes, we're serious, and have no more details, sorry.

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The package, whatever it was, was Limbaugh by a fan in Pennsylvania for a business-opportunity-related purpose, according to the Palm Beach Police.

No charges will be filed against the sender, who was very apologetic after the incident played out, reports say, because no crime has been committed.

Whether or not Limbaugh wants anything to do with the package, which was deemed safe to open, is up to him. Maybe he'll talk about it on air today.


PS I meant...."I DON'T want to be forced to pay for it....birth control that is."


Kinda out there in some ways, but there's enough in his message on most topics that he has folks nodding their heads saying, "That's for d*mned sure!" Bottom line: Women have a right to birth control. I just to want to be forced to pay for it. And it won't stop there. We'll end paying for everybody's every medical need. We can't afford it. The US piggy bank is broke. Time for the 50% who don't pay taxes to wake up to that fact. If I want to live like Greece I'll move to Athens, thank you.


This man is from the outer limits of Cloud Krazy. His wife probably jump up and down when he leaves the house. For years this out of control blimp has been
verbalizing a lot of hot air over the airwaves. This week may be the beginning of the end of this fool and his self absorbed Nonsense. He has chosen the wrong group of people to insult when he starts degrading women and think that women are Not going to rally around each other for support and let him get away with the dirty politics that he has been playing.
I believe there is going to be less tolerance of his brutal behavior. He has gotten so comfortable with acting like a complete idiot that he is in denial. Women of today are No going to sit still and let him degrade them without standing up to him!!


He da man that liberals love to hate! And he can get 'em told! Go, Rush!


It was probably a 10 pound bag of oxycontin and he paid the police to report it as something innocuous. This thrice-divorced, college drop-out junkie sets a really good example for the inbred members of the republican party.


I meant to write problems, not problema. Stinkin' phone! Rush Limbaugh gleefully contributes to our problems.


@Chely is right. This big blowhard is a hate-monger. He is sexist, racist, & homophobic and just plain cruel. Yes, I know he has his right to free speech, blah blah blah... That doesn't change the fact that his speech is hateful. He fills his �ditto heads�' heads with garbage. Rush Limbaugh does nothing good for our society. In fact, he contributes to the problema


Fuk this story put up the real trash that is coming out of this hate filled mans mouth about women! This man is the most vile piece of garbage i have eva let my ears hear. He is a racist and misogynist and i cant understand how he has been kept on air! What a piece of white trash. His mark left on the world will be nothing but hate. What a sad life.

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