Birthday Suit Showdown: Pregnant Jessica Simpson vs. Pregnant Britney Spears!

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They both sky-rocketed to singing fame at an early age.

They both got pregnant not long after meeting a man.

Jayden James Federline with Mom

And they both turned those pregnancies into best-selling magazine issues, with Britney Spears showing serious skin while knocked up in August 2006 for Harper's Bazaar and Jessica Simpson doing the same thing month for Elle. Which singer rocks a hotter, naked, knocked up bod?

That's the question. Provide the answer now:

And the Winner is?

Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears have both posed in their knocked up birthday suits. Which singer looked sexier while doing so? View Poll ยป


idk who to chose they both are so beautiful!! :-)

Carol worth

Please. No more bare boobs and pregnant bellies. Let's go back a few decades, for the sake of propriety! ~0:-/


They both look sexy and fuckable. Jessica wins by a very, very, very slim margin.

@ will hamilton

wtf?im so sad.... i really need to fuck someone now!!!!


Briteny looks very pretty here, its soo much more natrual than Jessica's. Maybe its the year difference with Britenys being in 2006 and Jessicas being in 2012....things change.


they both look gorgeous!


Britney is so hot Jessica to Soso


@random Does ANYONE gets you up the flag pole....even half mast?


@yo mama Can a girl get "preggers" by anal sex? Just wondering. You sound like a real 'horndog'!


why do we have to compare two beautiful pregnant women that carry totally differently as most women do. Its not a competition its women embracing motherhood & sharing.. this is just plain stupid & everyone just loses focus on what is real. Seriosly healthy babies is the goal.


jessica... britney iz so blah! she is so ugly! the dude to shove his dick in jessica's ass iz pretty lucky! i'd hav sex with her anyday!

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