Bethenny Frankel to Star in New Michael Bay Movie?!?

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She's already conquered the worlds of liquor and reality television. So, clearly, only one obstacle remains for Bethenny Frankel:


According to an Us Weekly source, the former Real Housewife actually auditioned for Pain and Gain on February 27, an upcoming Michael Bay filmthat stars Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ed Harris.

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"Bethenny secretly read for a role in Miami, Florida, and she did a good job," an insider claims. "Although she has no formal training, she has obviously gained a lot of experience working with cameras and she was totally comfortable with what she had to read."

Bay was not present for the audition, but a second mole tells the tabloid it went very well.

"They sent her an email after and said how great she was. She doesn't know when she'll find out if she gets the part, but the audition was fabulous."

This really shouldn't come as a surprise. Frankel acted for years like everything she was saying and doing on screen was not scripted by Bravo.


I just can't bring myself to like this woman. I've tried, and I know other popele think she's great. I just think she is overbearing and self-important in a very obnoxious way. Maybe it's because I know too many popele like her in real life. I don't even love to hate her, like Teresa from New Jersey or Kyle from Beverly Hills. I just hate her, period.


I find that people are looking only for the dirt on this couple. It is never easy for a newlywed couple in the first place in the start of a new marriage and this family needs some time to get to know one another. So lets give them the same courtesy that we would want for ourselves. What is so easy in doing that. Thank You-Jeff Brass


Are they auditioning for a fish looking woman complete with visible gills when she smiles? If so, she will get the part hands down.


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