Ashton Kutcher Actually Reaches Out to Demi Moore

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His marriage may not have worked out, but Ashton Kutcher may not be a complete jackass. He's reached out to his estranged wife since she left her nearly month-long stint in rehab last week and the the duo has been in close contact.

Demi quietly and briefly returned to her Beverly Hills home, spending just a few days in L.A. before embarking on a recuperative vacation to Turks and Caicos.

During that window, she received a visit from Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Picture

"He came to her house to see her for about an hour and a half," a source told E! News.

The couple is getting along well, although they're showing no signs that they'll be back to any romantic habits. A source says that a reconciliation is unlikely.

But that doesn't mean Ashton may not drop by again.

Kutcher remains on friendly terms with his ex, and is "determined to build upon that," however, her daughters are "no longer close" to their former stepdad.

Must not be Two and a Half Men fans. Shocking.


@Jess Who are you talking to? What notices?


Please stop sending these notices i do not want to recieve them, I never wanted to recieve them thank you


i think it would be wonderful if they could get back together -has anyone ever seen such a stunning couple? look at there pictures together,age does not matter if you ;love the person, they both have to work at their marrige.


It must be quite hard for Demi if he comes to the home they once shared and then he leaves. My BF is 9 years younger than me and it does play games with your head sometimes. It's not for everyone that's for sure, and I hope her next man is her age, or at least relatively close.


It's what happens when you have a open marriage as they did and public perception can't handle it.


BW and AK is the womaniser. Cheated on Demi Moore. Sex, Fame, Public Reputation are their desires. What a Hollywood actors??????????

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