Report: Demi Moore Out of Rehab, Off on Secret Vacation

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Demi Moore has checked out of Cirque Lodge in Utah and has embarked on a private vacation, sources tell E! News.

The actress checked into this famous rehab facility not long after suffering a seizure on January 23 that was brought on by the ingestion of a foreign substance. (Listen to the 911 call placed on her behalf now.)

Demi Moore at Margin Call Premiere

What is the actress up to now? Not much.

"She's in no rush to get back to L.A.," says an insider who reports the star is "on vacation" and adds: "She's on total lockdown and only talking to a small group of people."

There's still no official word on why Moore was seeking help, but E! moles confirm the time away was spent working on addiction issues and an eating disorder. We sincerely hope it helped.


Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis cheated on Demi Moore. Shame on the both NOT REAL MEN, womanizers. BW is the most hypocrite man. AS is the two and 1/2 man.........


No wonder celebrities have to visit rehab. The pressure they face when something in their lives takes a turn for the worst must be dreadful. They know it will be splashed all over the media - along with unflattering photographs and "friends" comments. The publicity behind this story has been odious. Lots of suggestive stories and no facts whatsoever with so-called fans following every last horrible word (and believing it). I wish her well and hope her privacy is respected.


i just think both Asthon and Bruce have been controlling her Druging behaviour when they where with her. i hate it when the press want to make us believe that women commits suicide once they have problems with thier men. men gets hurt and women do also. i hope the Media will concentrate more on her actual problem which is drug addiction and not about Asthon. afterall nobody knows if Demi has also cheated on Asthon b4 they seperated


Way to go Demi --- eat more, get better, and forget about that loser.
Your ex Bruce thinks more of you than Ashton ever has. You don't need him, get working on your career again as the public loves you!

Ms billie

Demi I sincerely hope things are getting much better for you. Don't waste your time on Ashton Kutcher he isn't worth someone like you, you can do sooooo much better than him. Get well and have a great career you're beautiful and an awesome actress!


For her daughters sake, i wish her well. She had a mother that had addiction.


Nice to know that she was out of rehab now. Well, I hope that she'll be more careful with her health.


Great news. Miss you Demi Moore so much..... Forget the pass. Fame is not important. Health is the most important in life. Hope everything goes well with you sweet Demi. Best Blessings with Love!


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