Amber Portwood: Denied Access to Teen Mom Reunion

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Troubled star Amber Portwood will not be present as the cast members of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 head to NYC this weekend to participate in a reunion special.

Amber's mom, Tonya, tells E! that the judge overseeing her daughter's probation denied permission for her to leave Anderson, Ind., to participate in the event.

"He thinks it will interfere with her program," says Tonya.

Troubled Amber Portwood

Probably right. But despite the setback, Amber isn't sweating it too hard. It wasn't long ago before it looked like her filming days were done altogether.

Now that she's living at her grandma's, the show may go on ... ankle monitor style, but still. "I'm happy. Just stressed, but I'm happy," says Portwood.

Last week, she was released from the Madison County correctional facility where she had been since December after being busted for drug possession.

Portwood is staying with her grandparents as she attends eight months of rehab at Sister 2 Sister Ministries (which won't let her film Teen Mom there).

If she were to violate her strict probation in any way, Amber Portwood faces a maximum of five years in prison on her felony drug-possession charge.

Her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, posted on Facebook that he and their 3-year-old daughter, Leah, are flying to New York to participate in the special.


It's sad that it had to come to this for a young girl. But you make your own bed. All of the moms on teen mom aren't ideal, and personally I don't think any of them are "good moms" the only couple I like it Caitlyn and Tyler, and they were the mature ones who made the conscious decision that they couldn't raise a child on their own, and gave their child to someone that would. At first i though the show teen mom wasn't a good idea and may glamorize teen pregnancy. But All these eff-up teen moms have made the show worth sticking it out to watch. None of them make it look glamorous.


Here's an idea: stop insulting or complementing Amber or Gary based upon their looks! Judge them by the people they are! It doesn't matter who is "beautiful" or not! Gary stepped up like a man and took care of his daughter. He has continued to provide for her and give her stability. Amber has not been even close to an ideal mother to her daughter and has had her legal parental rights restricted. She needs help and I hope for everyone she gets it. I agree, who cares what they are doing...but, you are so shallow to insult their appearance.


Amber is beautiful. If anyone is nasty it's you. Gary, yea he's a fat nasty slob, but amber is gorgeous.


UGH! who cares! Amber is a fat, nasty slob just like her ugly, fat-assed baby daddy. who cares what's she's doing.


I don't see why they can't let her skype or something in this day and age.


Anyone else disgusted with the producers of these programs? What the hell is happening with reality TV junk?! I feel sorry for their kids growing up and seeing how they were raised. Just sad.

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