Amber Portwood: Out of Jail, Into Grandma's House

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood just got out of jail free ... mostly.

On Friday, the MTV reality train wreck was released from jail, but instead of heading to a halfway house after leaving the Madison County (Ind.) correctional facility, she's already settling in at another house ... her maternal grandmother's.

"Amber is all taken care of [and] getting settled in," says her mom, Tonya.

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Last week, after the halfway house denied Amber, her mom told us that she was "happy and relieved that she [wouldn't] have to live in a halfway house."

"Now she will get to spend more time with her daughter, which is what this was all about anyway," Tonya said. A bonus of the new living arrangement?

Filming of Teen Mom is still a go!

Though she is still required to attend rehab at Sister 2 Sister Ministries, in Anderson, Ind., production can proceed with her living at grandma's place.

Filming was banned at Sister 2 Sister, where Amber Portwood was set to live upon her release before the residence wanted no part of it. So it's win-win?

Possibly. After completing eight months of rehab, she's required to get a real full-time job, i.e., one that doesn't involve reality-show cameras.

Not to mention, if she violates her strict probation in any way, she faces a maximum of five years in prison on her felony drug-possession charge.

That seems inevitable to skeptics, but for now, Amber's mom says she and her daughter are "so happy she's home and around family who love her deeply."

Will Amber end up back in jail?


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Lucky Grandma to have this fat POS around 24/7. Granny will need rehab after this is up.


here the thing. Nobody knows her personally, you watch what you see on TV and in the media. no one has the right to judge her or her mistakes. i think that it is sad the way people on these sites are so critical and judgmental of everyone. no one knows her story, her struggle, or her life. you (public) are not perfect, stop assessing others and work on your own life.


I think it's bullshit they wouldn't allow her to continue her work, with television. While I understand my opinion of her is of no importance {I personally find her to be a complete idiot) No judge should be able to deny her the right to make money any way legal that wasn't interfering with any typical probationary guidelines geared toward her actual offense.


Yes.!! She will be back in there, 1. People that are saying "oh it's Gary making you go to jail and stuff, no its not he DIDN'T put a hand on her, she cursed him out and actually put her hands on him.!! 2. She's an unfit mother, don't need kids until she can take anger management classes and stop with the whole hitting Gary and yelling at him b/c he asked her a simple question or told her that he loved her she flips out.!! At least he means it other than some guys now days. She WILL be back in there a year tops, she wont be able to control her anger and have to hit or yell at someone.!!


What is the problem with this world and kicking people when they are down? Give the girl some positive encouragment. Everyone makes mistakes, who are we to judge her so harshly? It makes me sick to see people write some of the things they do about her. She absolutely can clean up her act if she chooses to. If she doesn't that's her own choice. We all make bad choices in life. Lay off.

@ Cassie



girl youll be fine just be good and dont go back to that big ugky rude guy u dont need him see ur doing better with out him girl youll be fine love u


lol of course she'll end up back in jail. She was in trouble back in elementary when we went to school together. I don't understand why they give her all the attention. They need to appreciate more the moms who actually are capable of taking care of their kids the right way when they have them at a younger age because they're the ones that actually deserve recognition.


everyone struggles at one point or another, and absolutely NO ONE is perfect, so why dont we worry about our selfs?


She'll be back in jail, for sure.....Sorry Ada, I don't agree with your opinion. She's another Jenelle...from Teen Mom 2. They never learn...


Amber, I beleave you will do good, I am praying for you, just stay away from your daughters daddy, seems to me that he brings the worst out of you... :)YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!