Tabloid: Demi Moore Made Move on... Zac Efron!

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Yes, Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital last week, but multiple sources now report that the star's problems have been obvious to friends for a long time now.

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, friends have been concerned for months over Moore's drug use and self-destructive behavior, most of which stemmed from Ashton Kucher's public affair with Sara Leal.

"She's been really down, and she's surrounding herself with young people to make her feel better," said an insider, adding that Demi has been intent on staying as thin as possible for years. "She's been mixing pills and Red Bulls, among other things."

Demi Moore Us Weekly Cover

It's been this desire to remain young, sources claim, that's led to Demi hanging out so often with daughter Rumer Willis... and which also allegedly led to an incident in L.A.'s Venice neighborhood a few weeks back when she set her sights on Zac Efron.

She "tracked down" the former High School Musical star at a shindig, supposedly, and "seemed out of her mind at this party," an onlooker says.

Efron, of course, is 24. He was two years old when Ghost came out.

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OH get over yourself madam. You're not the first nor the last person who has shit in her personal life. Grow up!! You'll hit the big 50 this year. Stop acting like a brat and get a man your own age!! You'll become the laughing stock just like kim kartrashian if you carry on like this.


I don't get it that these women think they should be as thin as possible, when in fact it doesn't make them look better, it actually ages them. Someone should burst that bubble for her. As for seeking the company of younger men, she probably still misses Ashton


Best Blessing to you dearest Demi Moore. Cheers!


Demi is a gorgeous gal and i would absolutely ball the living hell out of her.Bruce Willis and Ashton Doucher are losers.Love that dark hair Demi..yum.


the last sentence says it all: "He was two years old when Ghost came out" :/


Shes friggin nuts.


It's unfortunate that her desire to stay young and skinny has made her look old and very worn out. Ironic she's creating the complete opposite affect that she's going so hard after. And, at 49 hanging out with young people will only make you feel OLDER not younger!!

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