Randy Travis Arrest Video: Are You KIDDING Me?!

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Over a week after Randy Travis' arrest for public intoxication in Texas, a police video has surfaced that shows the country singer interacting with officers.

In the clip, recorded by a dashboard camera in the police car, officers approach a parked car where they find Travis, apparently rather intoxicated.

They ask his name, which he gives, and then ask if he's been drinking. "Yes sir, I have," responds Travis, 52, "but I'm not driving, as you can see."

After police pull a bottle of wine from the car, they inform Travis he's going to be arrested for public intoxication. His response is one of surprise.

"Really? Are you kidding me?" he asks, repeating the question.

In the video, which also depicts officers driving Travis to jail, the singer, handcuffed, worries aloud: "Will anyone here drive me back to my vehicle?"

Travis was arrested on Feb. 5 in Sanger, Texas, charged with a misdemeanor, then released hours later. He accepted responsibility for the incident.

"I apologize for what resulted following an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl," he said. "I'm committed to being accountable, and apologize for my actions."


We still Love Mr Travis, no matter what.
I think he walks in water.


When a person leave a party or a pub, they are a candidate to get pulled over, and if you've had one beer, you are automatically considered to be Driving Under the Influence. Once you've had a drink and you are escorted to the emergency room for a Blood Alcohol Test (BAT) you are labeled a drunk driver. If a person have more than one DUI, and your Name hit the papers you are considered to have a history of DUI. By all indications Randy was polite and handled himself well and taken full responsibility.
Note to Randy:
Next time use a designated driver because if you were to get stopped again, the News will make you out to have a history of driving while under the influence. PEACE!!