Nancy Grace Wonders: Was Whitney Houston Murdered?!?

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Let's all stop and give thanks for Nancy Grace, shall we?

Seriously, without this attention-starved egomaniac, we might not know just how low humanity can sink.

Earlier today, during an appearance on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, the blowhard evoked the instances of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson when talking about Whitney Houston, wondering whether someone else played a role in the singer's death.

"I’d like to know who was around her, who - if anyone - gave her drugs... following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water?" Grace asked, referring to reports that Whitney's body was found in a hotel room bathtub. "Apparently, no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?"

Forget the fact that initial reports indicate Houston did NOT die by drowning; and forget the fact that it seems perfectly reasonable someone could overdose on pills and pass out in a bathtub... Grace is on a role, folks!

Grace claims that three prescription drug containers for the same drug - benzodiazepine - were found on the scene, each from three different doctors.

No other source corroborates this assertion and CNN itself has released a statement saying "we don't know that to be true," but, come on, people! Grace simply MUST weed out a potential Conrad Murray for ratings justice's sake.

“They were medicating her out the yin-yang,” she said.

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Whitney was worth more dead than alive. Millions and millions more. Now she's dead, Jennifer Hudson is Clive's new "voice". It's not even a conspiracy theory, it's just business Tony Soprano style. They kill race horses for this reason. If they had a shred of love for her at all the party would have been canceled. I'm with Chaka Khan on this.




philbill43 I wouldn't mind her pnivorg me wrong, but I think the meth and/or coke (whether crack or free-base) smoking has permanently damaged her lungs, if not her vocal cords (with less capacity she can no longer force the volume of air through them needed to hit some of those notes, so it *could* be her throat's still fine and she just needs aerobics and cardio workouts to regain the voice').


Whitney was interviewed by Diane Sawyer at some point. Whitney blamed HERSELF for her addiction problems. This is a very brave thing to admit. She ended the interview by getting in Sawyer's face and saying,' No matter what, I KNOW JESUS LOVES ME'. It is also the last song she sang extemporaneously with a friend at the club before she died. Blaming everyone else is not helpful. Whitney made her bed and now she is lying in a coffin. But I know Jesus loves her, and hope she is with Him, even though she was a backslider.


i think tht whitney was murdered.. she did do drugs bt there r alot of reasons for to have been murdered.. i hope thy keep investigating this....


Just like chaka khan said in a recent interview regsrding witney death the music industry says that artist are worth more dead then alive
Clive davis the head of the arista dident care about whitney half as much as he said he did
As he still continued to party down stairs while whitneys body was still up stairs oh and if its not a murder investigayion then why was the body kept up stairs for 11 hrs clive davis is a liar . Just gos to show you how much he realy cared the music industry are cruel murdering monsters i cant wait to see gods judgment fall on them we love you whitney and i will never forget you or the impact you had on my life loveyou dearly praise god in heaven


Yes i think witney houston was murdered by the music industry just like micheal jackson and other artists , it is verry obviose when u research the background of the music industry ask your self , so menny artist dieing of unnatural causes it is no coincidence at all it was no accident it was preplaned and organised


When Houston was at the hotel bar there was a disturbance. She ended up with blood on her leg. No one ever answered how that happened.
Several years ago I was attending a Blues festival when I felt a sharp pain in my leg. It felt like someone had stuck me with a needle. I looked up to see a blond kid about 14 years old with a sling shot. As I watched him he "shot" two other people--a man in the neck and another woman on her arm.I could not see what he was using to "shoot" with....I followed him. When he saw me following him, he ran to a woman who was walking with another boy his age. I told the woman that her son had shot me and other people. She answered that he was not her son but her son's friend.
Someone could have easily stuck/shot Whitney with a hypodermic needle. She suddenly became disoriented and was taken to her room where she later died. I hope the investigation continues. I hope there are cameras in that bar, too.


There is a possibility that someone else slipped something in her food/drink. I agree with Nancy.
Also, to give/or attend s party downstairs in the same hotel where the body was still in the room was very disrespectful.


The best opinion that has ever come out of Nancy Grace is called a fart.