Mitt Romney Pretends to Love Michigan

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Cyborg Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is campaigning in Michigan ahead of Tuesday's primary, and boy, does he just love everything about that state!

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    @C----Luke "Skywaler", I wasn't talkin' about him. Luke SkyWALKER! Yep, that one. I say...let ole Luke-y boy speak for himself. And C you can get back to plucking those nasty black hairs that grow between your toes...ewwwwww....have you ever heard of electrolysis?!? Oh, and don't forget those two really long hairs on your chin.


    @jojo luke skywaler, reed, deer??? Ur nuts dude!


    Luke Skywalker = Reed..or is that DEER?




    one mre thing reed u neva make any good points or seem like u can even hang in a debate. Noone wnts to read ur moronic hate filled comments that prove shit towards wateva point u are trying to make. U call me a child yet u troll all damn day becuz u have no life. And jus so u kno any person in the republican party wud run as far as they cud to get away from u! U arent helping the cause!!!!! Lol


    @reed ur really a idiot. First i was black and now im english! Ha really dude so ppl who dnt agree wit u must not be of this country. Hello i live in fl pretty sure i said it before. The reason i bring up the kkk wit u is cuz ur always sayin racist shit so dnt front like u dnt. Own it bitch dnt hide from it then try and make me look like the bad one! Sneakerbean lets see first off if u notice i neva call u a name. I did wit reed cuz hes racist. Yet wit u it seems like a game of how many times u can use the word liberal in a bad way. U dnt have a open mind u probably dnt even try to hear all sides because u think u already kno best. As far as where i get my news shit u name it. Yea i listen to all three major netwks comedy central is a great place newspapers but the difference is i can look a lot of shit up to see if its actually true or not and thats what i do. From wat u said u get ur news from one man who used to be a pres adv. So how is that diverse?


    @ Chely- 1st of all Romney was two years removed when Bane went bankrupt. Whose to say this Bailout Auto shit will benifit long term. Why the Hell should anyone Bail them out! They got themselves into this shit. Bottom line- your British ASS can't even cast a vote. You can take that "Dinousar" KKK shit and stick it up your ass. America wanted diversity - they wanted equal- we have free Speach & I will exercise that right till I get full- which is more than you Brits have. You dickheads are arresting Ministers for quoting the scripture in Church and labeling it as hate speech. Americans are not interested in your European way of life. You have the mind of a child and once again your facts are not facts! You are a stupid shit- that never will amount to shit. Obama is a Fraud. Full of false hopes! Romney WILL WIN in 2012! Now get back to working your corner - you liberal wanna b!


    @Chely...Interesting! So, tell me where do you go for news that is neither left or right? Media bias today is so very rampant you know. Surely not FOX NEWS though they tout themselves as fair and balanced. So tell me....who's your news source???? Me? I have several. BTW, more than one political news expert says, "Once Romney wins it...everyone will align behind him Republican-wise." This is part of the political process. Remember; Obama pulled it out at the end in '08...Hillary was strong till the end giving him a run for his money..then the Dem Party got behind Obama. I think this will happen even more so with the GOP once it's all settled.


    @sneakerbean.... No i dnt really care who goes against him. Makes no difference to me. U are right about santorum. If repub even want a chance they certainly wont put him up. But honestly if mitt was so loved santorum wudnt be surging right now. And u really didnt dispute nething i said so doesnt matter where i get my news u must see its right but jus to make u feel beta no im def nt a huffpo person. I like real news nt left or right leaning only.


    @Chely....First of all, put that KOOL AID down and wipe the liberal drool from the side of you mouth...Where do YOU get your news information....The Huffington Post? Obama for America? Please! I got my information from a political expert that is on TV a great deal...has advised Presidents. It didn't come from Fox. I think it's funny you can't even spell the names of the companies correctly...let alone make a point! Romney is now ahead in polls in Michigan and definitely in Arizona...sorry, but I think he might just make it. And boy will the Dems be scared! They want Barry to run against Santorum soooooooooooooooooo bad 'cause they know they have a much greater chance of beating Rick than Mitt. Think ya need to get ready for a change in the's coming.

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