Mary Jo Buttafuoco and Stu Tendler: Married!

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Mary Jo Buttafuoco married Stu Tendler in Las Vegas Saturday.

MJB, who was infamously shot in the face by her husband's teenage lover, Amy Fisher, nearly 20 years ago, used her maiden name in the ceremony (Connery).

Stu Tendler reportedly manages a print shop in Vegas.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco Pic

Long divorced from Joey Buttafuoco, Mary Jo underwent numerous surgeries and lost her hearing in one ear as a result of the shooting. She later wrote a book about the ordeal entitled, "Getting It Through My Thick Skull."

At least she has a sense of humor.

Amy Fisher served seven years in prison for the shooting, then went on to become an amateur porn star. Joey Buttafuoco did six months for statutory rape.

Congrats to Mary Jo and Stu!



if she's moved on why is she still getting all down drunk daily and sending death requests to joey ? has she really moved on or is her drunken tear destroying her mind ? talk to joey, ask to read the letters, read his book, ask his wife


*I saw Mary Jo a few years ago on a talk show. This lady is a true survivor. With a forgiving heart, she helped to have Fisher released
early from prison. It is a good day to know that Mary Jo has moved on with her life. I wish her and her loved ones years of happiness!!

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