Joey Buttafuoco to Sue Mary Jo For Defamation

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Only in America can you have an affair with an underage girl who proceeds to shoot your wife in the face, then sue your ex-wife for defamation of character after she divorces you and publishes a book calling you a sociopath.

That's precisely what Joey Buttafuoco is doing, more than a decade and a half after mistress Amy Fisher put a bullet in his wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco's skull.

She just published Getting It Through My Thick Skull - Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need to Know.

It's an appropriate title for several reasons. But Joey believes Mary Jo's describing and diagnosing him as a "good sociopath" is in her memoir is just unfair.

His lawyer claims: "The injury to Mr. Buttafuoco has been compounded by the publicity tour Ms. Buttafuoco has made to promote her book. She has appeared on numerous TV programs, repeating outrageous statements concerning my client's character."

"These defamatory statements have made Mr. Buttafuoco a pariah in the community, causing him public embarrassment and the loss of business."

Wait ... he had never suffered public embarrassment prior to this? And someone did business with him after Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo in the head?

Joey seeks damages and the removal of the book from the publisher's imprint.

Joey Buttafuoco Mug Shot

Joey Buttafuoco, upstanding citizen, is not about to take this character assassination lightly. The class act says he has suffered greatly as a result of Mary Jo's book.


I am sadly not surprised at all, that Joey Buttafuoco has the gaul to try to sue his wife, look what else he tried to do to his wife, he appears to be unable to consider anyone else at all. I wonder, does he perhaps believe public opinion will have softened over time? or that his part in it & his general lifestyle is forgotten? His ex wife was the victim & she is totally entitled to throw a few harsh words his way, in place of the bullet his lover used on her face; for him.


Joey is a pariah in all of the U.S.! I am reading Mary Jo's book right now, and my biggest question to her is WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO WRITE THE BOOK? Suing Mary Jo for describing him to the tee is a joke and he should never be allowed to profit from his wrongdoing, beginning with his affair with Amy Fisher, and being involved in Mary Jo's shooting. She didn't get her justice in the courts, and now she deserves her justice in her tell-all book.


Yikes, this dude's wife was shot in the face by his mistress. He ruined his own reputation.


Proving YET again what a nice guy he is!


Derek, exactly!!! This type of personality can't let go of a specific time in their life or something. This happened so long ago and to me, because of how it has been played out, doesn't even seem real. This guy became famous because of his actions and that just isn't right.


I'm confused. Since his affair with shooter Amy Fisher, exactly when did Joey stop being a pariah in the community?

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