Lindsay Lohan to Host Saturday Night Live

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Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live March 3, and the 25-year-old landed the plum gig without the help of her mother or any other management figure.

An insider close to the 25-year-old says Dina Lohan, who used to manage her LiLo, “had nothing to do" with helping her land the late night comedy show slot.

The actress personally reached out to SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels, whom she reportedly sees as a father figure, about the hosting gig.

The two promptly hashed out details for the March 3 show.

Lindsay Lohan's Chest

It will be her fourth time on the show, and her first since 2006.

The oft-troubled Lohan, who hasn't acted much (at all) in recent years, will be off probation on March 29 if she fulfills her court-ordered obligations by then.

Always a big if, but girl has been turning things around lately, earning rave reviews for her community service and racking up one modeling gig after another.

Hosting SNL could be a great way to continue her career rehabilitation, if she does well and shows the ability to poke fun at herself, which she has in the past.

Are you excited to see Lohan on Saturday Night Live?


but keeping it real i would still HIT IT!!!......hahahahahaha of course with an INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH B.F. GOODRICH CONDOM dipped in PENICILLIN!


well that's what you get when you lie, steal, cheat, assault people,violate your probation 50 times and escape Jail!, stay up all night Partying and doing drugs, and call Afro Americans Niggers (Like she Did me one Night at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood).... you get old white wrinkly sribbled up silicone filled boob bags!,old washed out face, yeasty std fill twat!, man! pay back is rough!, look at Haley Barry, Naomi Campbell etc, old girls but still looking fresh and young and beautiful, i guess it's true that BLACK DON'T CRACK, her parents were not very good at raising their child!, she is a Bullet Train Wreck!!!!


She's put on weight, so her breasts are bigger, and yes, big breasts do hang a little, its called gravity. There are a number of different types of breasts you know. Some have high linear attachment to the chest and hang like skin flaps, others have high circular attachment and hang like tube socks, still others, what most would consider the most perfect and are emulated by implants, have a symetrical round attachment and look full and do not hang as much or as soon as the other types do. Linday's are pretty normal for a full breasted girl. I was on a whole totally underwhelmed by her Playboy shoot. Even with extensive retouching her figure did not look all that impressive, it was actually pretty sad for her age. As to her complexion, she's a freckled redhead, and has seen a bit of sun time, so its to be expected that she'll be prematurely wrinkling. Check out unretouched pics of Robert Redford and Julianne Moore to see what she has in store.


@ Reed- that name has been taken- trust me- you'll be happier if you change- lots of baggage- FYI


Destiny, no it's not just you. I can't get over it. 25 year olds should not be sagging. Her face looks old too. I am scare to think what she's going to look like in 10 or 15 years from now.


Sooo over her. She's had more chances to get her act together than OJ and Charlie Sheen. At some point, intelligent people just get sick of their antics and excuses.


Going back to school would be a great idea for her because she seems brain dead on some of the decisions she's been making the last couple of years. If anyone would have her, she also might try doing a play, there she would get some acting experience back and needed discipline she so lacks. Even the brightest stars from the past tried a little bit harder for their craft. Sorry, we're talking about Lindsay Lohan, lip service to wanting to get back on track, but no serious action to do so, SNL doesn't count. She is the joke on that show.


Is it just me are her boobs hanging to her belly botton already!?! She is probably going broke and needs some attention outside of the court room. She will always be messed up in the head. More money, more problems. Ironic how all childhood stars turn out dead or just plan jacked up!


Lindsey lohan should realize she's all washed up, and give up fame or being 'infamous', as the case has become. Joining the mainstream world, maybe going back to school, and striving just to find and be herself would all be helpful steps in her recovery from drugs and ridicule.

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