Dog Bites News Anchor's Face on Live TV

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What should have been a feel-good news story soon became anything but when Kyle Dyer, an anchorwoman at NBC's KUSA Denver affiliate, was bitten in the face by a dog that had been rescued by a heroic firefighter from an icy lake a day earlier.


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    She's the dumb dumb' for putting her face in a dogs face! Hello, that poor dog has just been rescued, has no real owner, in a strange environment...its not fair to the animal to now have to suffer because the dumb dumb' did'nt have common since!!!! DumbDumb!


    Lets all get one thing straight even though this has NOTHING to do with pits..all dogs can be dangerous, no matter the size or type! Not all pit bulls are bad! If you raise them up right and don't treat them bad then they can be just as loving and caring as any other dog. I have had several pit bulls who never once attacked, bit, or showed any aggression towards me or anyone else because they were raised and treated right. It is the dumbasses who treat them badly and use them to fight that make pit bulls seem like terrible dogs. This lady was an idiot, you don't ever stick your face up to a dog that doesn't know you. And def not up to one who just went through something very traumatic. She is at fault, not the dog.


    If I was that dog and someone I didn't know was consistently 'mauling' me I'd bite too. Now the dog will probably suffer because of her stupidity. Sad


    That's what you get for sticking your face in a dogs face that doesn't know you, plain and simple....


    The fact is, big dogs can be dangerous. Little Chihuahuas also bite but don't cause massive damage.


    People are dumb. This is NOT a pitbull. It's an Argentinean Mastiff. Completely different from the American Bull Terrier AKA Pitbull. It is NOT a pitbull and she was in the wrong, anyway. Who the hell gets that close to a dogs face when it isn't theirs? Stupid people.


    In the government-controlled world we live know what this means. They'll be a Congressional investigation on how media should handle animals on air...the FCC will get called into testify WHY they didn't have protocol in place to protect news anchors ...that'll mean another govt. agency will have to be established under the umbrella of the FCC....and then of course the President will be compelled to select a new Czar to oversee this whole agency....and you KNOW what that means---more of our tax dollars to pay for bigger govt. just because one woman didn't have the sense to keep her face out of a dog's face and she got nipped! It's just not fair! Ha!


    Pit bulls were bred for fighting bears bulls and eventaully other dogs, but they were not bred to be human aggressive. If one of mine ever showed human aggression that wasn't protecting me, itd be a dead dog. Its unfortunate that your children learn from your ignorance, mine has been raised with these dogs. They were once known as nanny dogs, now people are breeding them for looks and to be "guard dogs" which they were not meant to do. Go find a well bred APBT and tell me its human aggressive. I doubt you'll find one that is. Dogs are a product of what we make them.


    I'm sorry, but pit bulls are NOT decendants of that dog!!!! They were bred down from bull and terriers. They are the american pit bul terrier, not the american pit bull mastif.


    if it is not your dog you should not be petting it over the head....they think it is dominant behavior. and why does she need to be in the dogs face? couldnt the guy tell her to stop?!?!? poor girl.

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