Dark Tide Movie Trailer: Just Released!

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Over the last few weeks, Halle Berry's personal life has dominated any news about this actress, as she battles for full custody of her daughter with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

But the gorgeous star actually has a new movie coming out later this year. It's titled Dark Tides and it co-stars her fiance, Olivier Martinez.

The thriller features Berry and Martinez as a couple who goes deep sea diving... only to come across a "nightmare from the deep still lurking" in the sea, according to the film's official synopsis. A bit cheesy and predictable? Sure. But don't you wanna see how these two fell in love?


Saw Dark Tides last night .... one comment: What is happening to Halle Berry's acting skills? She used to be good; but, not in this movie. Her voice is irritatingly schrill. She appears to be going through the motions; but, doesn't have her heart in it like the other actors do.


@ Hilton Hater,
Thanks for sharing the movie trailer of Dark Tide!!
It's true that Halle and Gabriel Aubrey were Never married, but they do share daughter Nahla. It seems that Gabriel was all that Halle wanted in a man until "the breakup" with Gabriel, and the very sudden romancing of Olivier. It appears that Olivier Martinez was the home wrecker in the Halle/Gabriel love affair!!

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