Courtney Robertson: The Bachelor MANEATER!

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Courtney Robertson continues to stir up drama on The Bachelor and her controversial tactics have landed her on two different tabloid covers this week.

Probably her true goal all along. "Winning!"

Speculation is running rampant about how long Courtney lasts (The Bachelor spoilers we've posted offer more on that topic), but one thing is clear:

She is the star of the show this season, for better or worse.

Courtney the Man-Eater
Ben Flajnik TRICKED!

In their new issues, Us Weekly and In Touch have tag-teamed Courtney Robertson (they're probably not the first ... winning!!!) with the following accusations:

  • She was dating an old rich guy while on the show!
  • There's a secret sex tape that could RUIN her!
  • Her attraction to Ben Flajnik is a complete lie!
  • She's even worse than you think!

Okay, at least one of those is BS. No way could she be worse than we - and many other Bachelor fans, based on the majority comments we've read on THG - think.

Yes, we realize it's a TV show and they edit to great the best narrative that gets people talking. But do you honestly believe none of this is Court's real personality?

Tell us: What's your take on Courtney Robertson?


She isn't worth talking about period !! I see pyschopath another Casey Ant. She will kill you Ben.and looks like a man at that,who knows could be..Funny! Just grpw up Ben..You might be a man ome of thse days?


It's ayalws sad to hear the passing of any martial artist In the 70 s I took up this art in Ireland and throught varios means combat mainly, learned of Enoeda, Nakayama and this great lady R.I.P


OMFG I think courtney is Succhhhh a sweethart guys she is like so nice and everyone is just giving here a hard time. Pleese stop.


Courtney is far too old to still be in this adolescent state of mind (self serving, fails to care about how her actions and words effect others, need for attention even if it is negative attention) Ben is also infatuated with her like a little boy(do you really think that someone that flaunts their sexuality in this public way is the type of person you want to marry and have as the mother of your children...come on) And lets just look past the bachelor if they were to stay together...she would be so bored with his life and he would not be "cool" enough to fit in with her party life. He will eventually come to that conclusion, but the damage might alredy be done with the woman he will choose...the fact that he has kept her around so long tells me he's not as great as they all think he is and not quite as serious as finding a real connection as he says.


Courtney is an aging not very successful model has been. She has a unibrow and ugly mouth but it does give her unique if not ugly different facial expressions. She is hunched back for a model and knocked kneed she has a masculine heavy walk. Her personality is psychotic and narcissitic. Her body language is very strange and condescending. Would love to see her in a room full of real models who have been on lots of well known magazine covers. Have a feeling she can't get modeling jobs as the unibrower so this is her way of getting attention bad attention I guess is better then none. she is skanky and only thinks of herself. E eery thing she says is always about herself and never about what she could add to his life. She even said he needs to step up his game with her. she is the worst contestant ever. Can't wait for women tell all! Ben is a fool, probably a sex addict.


She's playing hard to get with Ben. He's not in love with her. He's infatuated, because she's a challenge unlike the other women. I like how she completely manipulated him in the last episode by telling him she's not sure if she want him to meet her family, etc. Did you see the look of fear on his face? He thought he was going to lose her, which made him want her even more. The more these women warn him about her, the more he will desire her. She's a puzzle to him.


crazy..egotistical...unable to have relations with women...not anyone I'd want the men in my family to marry.


Ben deserves exactly the crap he's going to get (and is obviously already getting) from Courtney because he is just plain old STUPID. How on earth can anyone be so dense to not have seen through her manipulation? Only a man with a who thinks from his ______ instead of his head!


Those girls spent too much time bashing Courtney she knew how to get Ben's attention while the other women are sitting there waiting for him to come to them. Courtney is really playing these girls and they make it so easy.



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