Charlie Sheen on Ashton Kutcher: HE SUCKS!

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Charlie Sheen will star in Anger Management on FX this summer.

In promotion for the sitcom, the network has been using photos of the actor from his most recent gig, Two and a Half Men, a move that resulted this week in a cease and desist letter from CBS, which is demanding Sheen and his production company stop illegally profiting from its images.

Charlie Sheen in a Bowling Shirt

To this, Sheen has a simple response: GOOD!

"I'm thrilled," the actor tells TMZ, in a way only he can. "It insulates me from having to redundantly see myself in the idiotic bowling shirt. Perhaps if Warner Bros. spent as much time and energy focusing on THEIR show, it wouldn't be such a steaming pile of ass."

Hmmm... we wonder how he really feels about his former series.

UPDATE: A bit later in the day, Sheen called TMZ and said of the man who replaced him:

I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck. It's nothing personal ... I just feel bad for him ... he's saddled with such bad writing.


The reason the show is so bad is that Ashton Kutcher is a terrible actor.

Miley fakes

yeah its like lots of show's destiny


It is not his Ashton's fault. However, the show sucks. The only time the show is funny at all is when Ashton is not in the scene and it revolves around the original cast or when Charlie Harper is mentioned. The characters of Alan, Berta and Jake can not save this crappy show. They may have a chance if they focus the show around the original cast that we now barely see. On two occasions Jake had one line and Rose is M.I.A. Use your strengths not your weaknesses. Chuck Lorre really screwed up and I can't wait to see Charlie Sheen's new show. It is just a matter of time before Two and a half men is dead and buried.


I have watched every episode and it gets worse every week! I don't think this is Ashton's fault! It is terrible writing and Chuck Lorre's direction of the show. They are pushing more and more sex into the show! It's pathetic! I feel bad for Ashton and the other characters for being saddled with such bad writing!


I support you. I miss you. I have loved you since your first movie. Come back to us. Pick your battles. One is the highway to hell. I watch all the re runs. Miss you. Ready when you are. One man should not block us from one talented human being. Charlie do your part; your fans will do theirs.


I miss Charlie soooo much,I
wish I would wake up and someone tells me it was all a nightmare.


I thought It would never be the same without Charlie Big Fan but I gave Ashton a chance and I LOVE IT! Dont miss Charlie at all its like Sorry charlie!!! Love Ashton and the crew !


I LOVED the show when Charlie was on it. Ive tried to stay a fan because I've been watching for so long, but the show sucks now. ZOEY IS SOOOO ANNOYING!! Write her out of the show and give Berta way more scenes. She's the best!!


Not a fan of Sheen, but I have to agree with him. The new 21/2Men truly sucks!


I think the show got off to a rough start, but is alot better.I love the new look on ashton.But I do miss Charlie.Jake has grown up to be a handsom young man.I also miss R.

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