Charlie Sheen Sitcom: Picked Up by FX!

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Charlie Sheen is officially headed back to television.

FX has picked up Anger Management, outbidding two other networks for a series that will feature Sheen as a therapist with a short temper and will be based on the 2003 movie that starred Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler.

The sitcom will premiere with 10 episodes next summer, with FX already agreeing to 90 more if ratings are strong.

"We think that Bruce Helford, Joe Roth and Charlie Sheen have come up with a wonderful, hilarious vehicle for Charlie's acting talents - and a character we are very much looking forward to seeing him play," says John Landgraf, President and General Manager of FX Networks. "Two and a Half Men has been an outstanding component of FX's schedule for the past 14 months, and we have every confidence that Anger Management will soon be as well."

This will mark the actor's first gig since he was fired by CBS for being positively insane.

Will you tune in to Sheen's upcoming series?


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I Love Charlie Sheen, he is talented. Yes he has major perosnal problems but he seems to pull it off with a kind of Swagger ya can't help but like. I have been called insane many times, people are drawn to insanity, they seem to be envious yet intriugued by us crazies. Don't ask me why.


Hey I heard that CBS will be settling with Charlie for a very handsome amount. So, all that I can say to all of you that is now mad at Charlie, he's WINNING!!!!!! And that's all that I have to say on that


Loved two and a half men with Charlie Sheen and still watch his reruns. Hate the show with Kutcher. HE IS NOT FUNNY AND THE SHOW SUCKS WITH HIM IN IT !!! Can't wait for Charlie's new show on FX.


Absolutely, I will give Charlie another chance, so he went crazy, said and did things that maybe a few of us wish they could do and get away with (not many) but he is still a very talented actor and a heck of a funny guy. Do you remember when Michael J. Fox had to quit Spin City due to his disease? and Charlie stepped in and the show continued to be a huge success. If Two and 1/2 Men don't do something soon nobody may be watching THEM anymore. Face it Chuck, I know Charlie did you wrong but you are losing BIG money with Ashton.


Love Charlie Sheen!Of course we'll be watching his new show. We still watch his re-runs on 21/2 men. As for Ashton what a waste! Makes me puke just to watch him. He has NO talent, is immature and looks like a stone age man with his appearance. The show is going to fall flat. Alan is carrying it now . Good actors hate to see all the other go but Ashton get real!


I'd like to see Charlie Sheen cohost with Kelly Rippa!


Alright Charlie.......... I certainly do not wish his old cast ill will. But Charlie..............YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! We have all missed you.............


His show won't make it. He is too weird


Wow, so FX is gonna do, it huh? Interesting move for FX, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the show is any good or not. Either way I’m sure glad I’m not a DirecTV customer right now….this contract negotiation between Direct and FOX could mean that DirecTV’s customers could lose FX. As a DISH customer/employee I don’t need to worry about this, as DISH just signed a contract with FOX last year to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen


Yes, yes, yes,.....I can't wait for Charlie to come back to TV. I'm not happy with him when he misbehaves and it makes me feel so bad for his wonderful father and family, but Charlie is Charlie and I'm sure he'll grow up one day. He was 2-1/2 men and I'm not interested in seeing it with whats-his-name Kutcher.

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