Cat Demands to Be Petted Immediately, Often

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As the saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have staff.

In this adorable viral video, an impatient Scottish Fold (a breed of cat which, as its name implies, hails from Scotland and features ears that fold downward) makes it clear that its human companion isn't paying nearly enough attention to it. Eh hem.

Browsing the computer? Think again. Pat the cat. Now.

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How cute!!!


How cute... I'm melting.. I want that cat~so adorable!


So Cute!


I love this!!


That's actually a trait of Scottish Folds, they will lightly tap you to let you know they want attention. Mine did that all the time when I used to have her. It's the cutest thing. Except when you're sleeping! Ahhhh, RIP Bice!

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