Bully Trailer: Documentary Loses Appeal of 'R' Rating

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The trailer for Bully has been released, and the company that produced the film has lost its appeal of the R rating it believes will limit the documentary's appeal.

The film, about the epidemic of adolescent bullying in America, was rated R for “some language,” and The Weinstein Company hoped for a PG-13 rating.

It was not to be. Check out the two-minute preview below:

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein and one of the bullied children in the film, Alex Libby, argued that an R rating would be counterproductive in that it would prevent Bully from reaching the adolescent audience that would most benefit from the movie.

The studio was planning on screening the documentary at middle and high schools.

However, for an MPAA rating to be overturned, a two-thirds vote is required, and Bully was one vote short. Following the decision, Weinstein released a statement saying that he is considering a leave of absence from the MPAA.

“We respect the MPAA and their process but feel this time it has just been a bridge too far,” said Weinstein. “I have been through many of these appeals."

"This one vote loss is a huge blow to me personally.

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I have to agree that the R rating is too high. I am taking my 11 year old to see the film, and would love for her entire class to see it. I wish it could be shown to all kids. Bullying starts at a very young age and if this could impact how kids treat others it may make a difference. Kids are smart and need to be aware of their influence on others...no matter how young. I may even take my 7 year old to see it.